Episode #80- Melissa Solomon: Zion 100

April 18, 2017

Episode #80 is loaded with some local brew, delicious deep fried cheese curds and a two-time guest: Melissa Solomon. If you remember we had Melissa first on for Episode #76 where she told us here amazing story into running and her new life. She let it slip out that she was running her first 100 mile race and we warned her she would need to come back on and give us play by play. Well, she agreed and thus we have another fun time sitting down with Melissa!

Show Notes:

  • How bout them Deep Fried Cheese Curds?
  • Zion 100
  • Toe Knuckles
  • What's next?

SingleTrack Session #34

April 13, 2017

Singletrack Session #34 is loaded! We start off with a contest to name Joel's new Volvo, follow that up with races, iTunes reviews, Cannabis debate and so much more. Listen and let us know your thoughts.

Show Notes:

  • Name Joel's car contest (Volvo XC 70 Wagon- Navy)
  • Episode #79- Jeff Hart- Hardrock training
  • iTunes Reviews
  • GDR and Cannabis debate
  • Turd'l Millers new Twitter acct- skoldpadda (the great)
  • TrailManners weekly Strava leaders
  • Ogden Trail Running Festival - Gib Wallace Race announcement
  • #Swagginrights
  • #TMTrailCred

Photo Credit: Matt Williams- Bucksin Gulch (from this weeks- Where did you feet take you?)


Episode #79- Jeff Hart: Training for his first Hardrock 100

April 11, 2017

Jeff Hart is training for his first attempt at the Hardrock 100 and TrailManners is going to talk to him all the way up to and after the race. Part of a new series we will be doing is checking in with Jeff to see how his training is going, his mindset, goals, fears and all things associated with the race. If you have a question you want to ask for the next time we get together- shoot it over. 

Show Notes:

  • Running history
  • Training for Hardrock

SingleTrack Session #33

April 6, 2017

Lots to talk about with a crazy weekend of racing. Barkley's took over social media and the Georgia Death Race wasn't far behind. Check out the show notes for more.

Show Notes:

  • REI Co-Founder Mary Anderson passes away at 107
  • Episode #78: Gina Lucrezi- Trail Sisters
  • Barkley's Marathon
  • Georgia Death Race
  • Hayden Hawks represents USA
  • Turd'l Tracker 
  • Date with Turd'l bidding for the Ogden Trail Running Film Festival HERE
  • Gary Robbins blog post
  • Laz

A message from the RD of The Barkley Marathons #bm100:

i wish i had never said 6 seconds...

gary had just come in after having run off course
and missing the last 2 miles of the barkley.
that is, of course, not a finish.

i do, however, always record when runners come in,
whether they are finishing a loop, or not.
so, i had looked at the watch,
even tho there was no possibility that he would be counted as a finisher.

so, when someone asked if he had gotten in before the limit;
i foolishly answered.

i never expected the story to somehow become that he had missed the time limit by 6 seconds.
he failed to complete the course by 2 miles.
the time, in that situation, is meaningless.

i hate it, because this tale perpetuates the myth that the barkley does not have a course.
the barkley is a footrace.
it is not an orienteering contest,
nor a scavenger hunt.
the books are nothing more than unmanned checkpoints.

the boston marathon has checkpoints.
and you have to show up at all of them or you can be disqualified...

that does not mean you are allowed to follow any route you choose between checkpoints.

now, the class with which gary handled this terrible disappoinment
at the end of a truly magnificent performance...
that was exceptional,
and is, in and of itself, a remarkable achievement.

but he did not miss the time limit by 6 seconds.
he failed to complete the barkley by 2 miles.


**As sent to The Ultra List, a public forum.


Episode #78- Gina Lucrezi: East Coast All American => Trail Sisters

April 4, 2017

Our interview with Gina Lucrezi has been in the works for a few months and we finally got this rockstar on the mic! Gina’s a talented runner and when we look at her running career you’ll be surprised at her ability to compete at just about any distance: D3 NCAA 1500m indoor National Champion, USATF 10k trail National Champion, 5th (1st American Female) at the rugged CCC 100k in Chamonix France, 1st place Silver Rush 50 miler,   2nd place Leona Divide 50 miler, FKT on Mt Whitney, and this is just a smattering of her results, whew!


Our interview is broken up into 2 segments due to a dropped phone call. The first segment we discuss her bEAST coast roots, how she got into running, and her journey to the Wild West. The second half of the interview we dive into the story of the Trail Sisters and why ever female runner should have a “Trail Sister”.


We hope you enjoyed our interview with Gina and watch out for her this summer as she travels the USA in her new Sprinter spreading the Trail Sisters luv.


Show Notes:


  • Field hockey to track star
  • D3 Indoor 1500m champ
  • USOC Internship and whoa those are some big mountains
  • Back on the East Coast and helping Inov8 get traction in the CrossFit world
  • Working at Trail Runner Mag and iRun Far
  • Trail Sisters


Find Gina:




Find Trail Sisters:




SingleTrack Session #32

March 30, 2017

Its a new week and a new edition of the Singletrack Session. There are a couple big time races this weekend in Barkleys and the Georgia Death Race but we also talk about some trail news, Salomon athlete testing and more. Have a listen and leave us some comments.

Show Notes:

  • Trail Runner attacks Mountain Biker in Colorado
  • Outside Online- Runner Psychology- LINK
  • Beer Ultra
  • Barkleys
  • Georgia Death Race
  • Salomon Drug Testing

PC: Harrison Fluman- Augusta, GA


Episode #77- Annie MacDonald: Living life to the fullest

March 28, 2017

It has been 6 months since we have sat down in Studio 78 with a guest so we thought we would celebrate with a superstar! Annie MacDonald has had a full life- full of everything you can think of. She approaches each day with her trademark smile and amazing attitude. Her journey to this point is nothing short of remarkable. Annie sat down with us and opened up about her struggles and her triumphs. 

Thank you Annie for taking the time to sit down with us and let us get to know you better. You are a real life hero and we are lucky to call you a friend.

Show Notes:

  • Her life
  • Trail to her 1st Hundred
  • Her Tribe
  • Premium Editions?
  • Karma Paid if Full
  • 2017 Buffalo Run 100

SingleTrack Session #31

March 23, 2017

It's ALIVE! Studio 78 is back in businees folks. We headed out to Antelope Island over the weekend for the Buffalo Run races. We were busy volunteering and hanging out with some of the greatest people on this here planet. It was such a joy to see people reaching their goals and a blast sitting around talking to new and old friends. We appreciate everyone who took the time to come say hi and share a smile or story....or 2. We were absolutely blown away by the kind things we heard.

Show Notes:

  • Studio 78 at 22nd Street TH
  • Buffalo Run results
  • Chuckanut 50k results
  • TrailManners sales 
  • A FB question was discussed



Episode #76- Melissa Solomon: An Incredible Journey

March 21, 2017

Melissa Solomon is amazing- it's just that simple; however, there is nothing simple about her journey. One of the biggest things we like about doing this podcast is the people we get to meet. Melissa definitely ranks at the top of the list of shows and people who inspire us and just throw down the "WOW FACTOR". 

We hope you enjoy this show and we cannot thank Melissa enough for joining us and telling her story. We also include the link below of her blog post.

Here is the link to her post about her journey. BLOG POST

Show Notes:

  • Who is Melissa?
  • Where she came from
  • How she got into running
  • How has running helped you
  • Her own 5k
  • From 1 mile in 6 months to a 100 mile race in 4 years



SingleTrack Session #30

March 16, 2017

Big weekend ahead for the TrailManners crew as we head out to Antelope Island for the Buffalo Run. We hope to meet even more listeners and do a show or two in the process. This episode takes on a twist as we discuss "Doping" and ask for your thoughts plus a bunch of other stuff.  Enjoy the week and enjoy the show.

Show Notes:

  • Episode #75 Recap
  • New - Now Go Get It Logo
  • Over the Top Trail Race- Pocatello Idaho
  • Turd'l Tracker
  • Doping- "Not Dopin' till I get caught"
  • Buffalo Run- Come Say "Hi"