Episode #132- Joel Hatch: Some Big News

January 15, 2019

The tables get turned on the monumental podcast. Joel makes his big announcement and then we proceed to put him on the hot seat.

It has been an absolute pleasure working side by side with Joel over the past 3+ years on the TrailManners podcast. It has been an amazing ride and TrailManners hope to continue to be a great source for all our listeners. 

Please join with me to thank Joel for all his contributions not only to the podcast but to the trail running community. See you soon buddy!


Show Notes:

  • Big Announcement
  • Favorite Guests
  • Memorable Moments
  • Future of Trail Running
  • Lightning Round

Singletrack Session #121

January 10, 2019

The Ultra Runner of the Year countdown is underway and some golden tickets have been punched for the Western States 100. We are also looking for a few creative minds to help jump start a couple new projects. Have a listen to see if you can help.

Have a great week and be safe!


Show Notes:

  • Past Episode: #131- Garth Harris
  • Bandera Golden Ticket results
  • Across the Years results
  • US Sky Running Series races 2019
  • Ultra Runner of the Year countdown
  • A Call for creative minds
  • Ask TrailManners

PC: Jeff List- Oakes Peak Cascades, WA- weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #131- Garth Harris: He lost in order to triumph

January 8, 2019

I would never bet against Garth. We first met Garth through the TrailManners podcast and some time later heard about his story. To call it inspiring would be an understatement. Garth went from 400+ pounds to marathon to ultra is a very short time. Along that way he lost over 200 pounds and set an example to so many around him. Garth- you are amazing and we are lucky to know you. Thanks for taking the time to sit down and talk to us about your journey. I cannot wait to see you conquer more goals!

Show Notes:

  • Who is Garth?
  • Life at 400+ pounds
  • How he did it
  • Why he did it
  • Lessons learned

Singletrack Session #120

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year! 2018 is gone and 2019 is sure to be amazing. For the first Singeltrack Session of 2019 we talk about a few changes for TrailManners, review Scott Jaime's past episode and dig into your Ask TrailManners questions. 

2019 is here- Now Go get It!


Show Notes:

  • Happy New Year
  • Past Episode: #130- Scott Jaime
  • Bandera Preview
  • TrailManners Drop bag
  • 2019 TM News
  • Ask TrailManners

Episode #130- Scott Jaime: 2019 Plans and State of Ultrarunning

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! We are more than excited to start 2019 off with one of our favorite humans- Scott Jaime. Scott kicked off our podcast back in November 2015 on Episode #1 so we thought it was time to get him back. We cover what he has been up to, state of ultra running, his BIG plans for 2019 (hint: F.K.T.'s- plural) and we put him on the hot seat for our Lightning Round. 

Thanks you Scott and we wish you luck! 

Here is to a glorious 2019!

Show Notes:


Singletrack Session #119

December 20, 2018

Happy Holidays from TrailManners! This will be our last podcast for 2018 but make sure you tune in for 2019! We are taking Christmas week off to focus on our friends, loved ones and fun. We want to thank you all for your continued support over the year and hope to be back stronger in 2019.


Show Notes:

  • Past Episode Recap: #129 Running Up For Air
  • Nordic Valley 7k 
  • El Vaquero Loco race entry winner
  • UROY Debate
  • Ask TrailManners
  • Happy Holidays!

We are proud and happy to be partnering with an amazing apparel company- Path Projects. Please head over to pathprojects.com/trailmanners for a chance to win a cool hat- 10 lucky winners.

PC: Laurel DeVore- Grand Canyon: Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #129- RUFA: Running Up For Air

December 18, 2018

Aric had the pleasure of sitting down with Jared Campbell, Tara Warren and Sheralyn Traher to talk about the 2019 Running Up For Air or RUFA. Scheduled for February 9th 2019- Malans Peak in Ogden, UT gets added to the mix. Please do not hesitate to register and please see the links below to see how you can help out. You don't have to run to be apart of something big.


Show Notes:


Singletrack Session #118

December 13, 2018

Well, the highlight of this show is definitely the part where the hosts are in tears and doubled over in laughter (even though you can't see it- you can feel it). It doesn't happen often but it sure did on STS #118. The good news- Joel has escaped with a little dignity. 

Show Notes:


PC: Michael Hirons- Cloudland Canyon State Park in rising Fawn, GA. Photo Taken by Misty Wong during Chattanooga 100. Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #128: TrailManners Holiday Gift Guide

December 11, 2018

The much anticipated TrailManners Gift Guide Podcast is here! We talk tested and true gifts for the runner in your life- whether significant other or even yourself! From shoes to trucks, watches to jackets, cheese curds to IPA's and so much more. And a special thanks to our friends at P.U.T.S. for helping us with our race entry ideas. You are gonna need to listen to see what they did. PLUS- a contest for a very special race entry thanks to our good friend Grant.

Enjoy the podcast and make sure to participate on Facebook!

Happy Holidays for the fellas at TrailManners! 

P.S.- Joel wears medium and Aric wears Large.


Singletrack Session #117

December 6, 2018

The lottery Gods spoke and the fields are set (minus drops, waitlists, golden tickets, bandits, etc.)! Hardrock and Western States held their lotteries and the fields are loaded. We also talk about the new Spartan Trail Series and of course our favorite- we answer a couple Ask TrailManners questions.

Show Notes:

  • SNOW
  • Past Episode #127- Dr Chris Heilman
  • Hardrock/WS100 lottery results
  • Spartan & Trail Runner Mag team up
  • Ask TrailManners

We are proud and happy to be partnering with an amazing apparel company- Path Projects. Please head over to pathprojects.com/trailmanners for a chance to win a cool hat- 10 lucky winners.

PC: Marc Davis- Zion Traverse. Weekly WDYFTY Winner