Episode #74: Kenzie Barlow- Accidentally finding Trail Running

March 7, 2017


Sushi then a Podcast....Yes please. We definitely did something a bit different with this episode. We met our guest- Kenzie Barlow and a grocery store...a "high end" grocery store (her words-ha).  We sat in some soft leather couches next to the fire place and it was game on! 

Kenzie has been running, racing and coaching for years. When she talks you can just see the joy they bring her. She is passionate about running and gathering more and more knowledge on the stuff. We covered a bit of everything from Snow Snorkelers to Dirty Dirty Rap. If you don't believe that- you better have a listen.

Enjoy the show and check out the Tenacity Tenfold Endurance link in the show notes.

Show Notes:


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