Episode #129- RUFA: Running Up For Air

Episode #129- RUFA: Running Up For Air

December 18, 2018

Aric had the pleasure of sitting down with Jared Campbell, Tara Warren and Sheralyn Traher to talk about the 2019 Running Up For Air or RUFA. Scheduled for February 9th 2019- Malans Peak in Ogden, UT gets added to the mix. Please do not hesitate to register and please see the links below to see how you can help out. You don't have to run to be apart of something big.


Show Notes:

Episode #121- Tara Warren: UTMB- 3rd American Female

Episode #121- Tara Warren: UTMB- 3rd American Female

September 18, 2018

We are BACK! Tara Warren has joined us for her 3rd time (Episode #3 & #34) and we couldn't be happier. Tara has just returned from the 2018 UTMB as the 3rd American Female and we get a blow by blow of the trip.

Thanks Tara and congrats!!!!

Show Notes:

  • We are BACK!
  • 2018 Race Results/Schedule
  • UTMB 2018
    • 35:01
    • 3rd American Female
  • Bear 100 2018
Episode #34- Tara Warren: Bighorn 100

Episode #34- Tara Warren: Bighorn 100

June 21, 2016
It is always fun when you can bring a guest back for a second time. Just a couple days after her Bighorn 100 mile race Tara Warren agreed to be back on the show. The first time we had Tara on it wasn't long after her first 100 mile race- The Bear 100. 9 months later she took on the Bighorn and PR'd by over 6 hours- going 28:48 for a woman's top 10 finish. 
We talk to Tara about things she learned, whats she has been up to as well as what it is like to be the proud parent of a high school National Champion track athlete and new record holder in the 4x1mile relay.
We also talk about testing out some new UltrAspire gear, crazy animal attacks and we want to know your thoughts on the Western States 100 this weekend.
Sit back relax and enjoy another episode of TrailManners....and as always THANK YOU for your support.
Link to the great race and amazing finish for the Ogden Track Club (Ogden High School) boys 4x1 mile relay:

Show Notes:

  • Happy Fathers Day
  • UltrAspire Spry 2.0
  • Western States 100 predictions
  • Animal attacks
  • Bighorn 100
  • National High School 4x1 mile relay National Championship and new Record- Ogden High School
Episode #3- Tara Warren: That old quesadilla hangover

Episode #3- Tara Warren: That old quesadilla hangover

November 24, 2015

We caught up with Tara Warren at the 22nd street trailhead just a few days after completing her first 100 mile trail race- the Bear 100. Not only were her emotions still a little raw but so were her feet. We enjoyed listening to how she manages to train for a difficult 100 mile race while she raises her 3 boys with her ultra runner husband Bryce. 

Bear 100 may have been tough but pulling this show off with a guy on his lunch break bouncing some sweet tunes and devouring Taco Bell was no easy task.

Show Notes
  • Steps to her first 100 mile race
  • Hydrating to music
  • Bacon feet
  • Quesadilla hangover
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