Episode #89- Dr. Chris Heilman: Psychology of Recovery

Episode #89- Dr. Chris Heilman: Psychology of Recovery

June 27, 2017

TrailManners super fan, Curtis Thompson, busted his wheel while volunteering at the 2017 RUFA and needed surgery to fix torn ligaments and tendons in his ankle. The long recovery meant his 2017 Wasatch 100 was out of the question as was most running for the summer. Curtis asked if we could do a show on the Psychology of Recovery and we're happy to make that happen!

Dr. Chris Heilman from Mindset Coaching,  jumped on a call to answer Curtis' burning question...what is the optimal way to psychologically deal with an injury and what tools can we acquire and sharpen during the recovery process.


Show Notes:

  • Honor the Present
  • Make a Suffering Inventory
  • Allow Recovery to Happen
  • Mindfullness and Meditaiton
  • Jar of Awesomeness
  • Passion Statement
Episode #59- Stone Cold Cryotherapy

Episode #59- Stone Cold Cryotherapy

November 8, 2016
We are always talking about different "tools" you can use to keep you running and performing strong. On this episode we headed to Stone Cold Cryotherapy and Aric got in the tank to see just how it works. Luckily he was wearing wool socks, neoprene booties and of course gloves. 
Ty talked us through the process and we cannot wait to test it out even more when things ramp up again. We definitely recommend giving it a try.
Thanks Ty for the session and for the time! Stone Cold Cryotherapy is going to be on our Christmas list for sure!

Check them out at and tell them TrailManners sent you!

Show Notes:
  • Stone Cold Cryotherapy
  • Another tool for recovery
  • Why its better than icing
  • All over body recovery
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