Singletrack Session #48

Singletrack Session #48

August 3, 2017

August is already here and things are still heating up. We run down our list of cool new things you need to check out from the last Outdoor Retailers show in Salt Lake City. So many solid new companies and products as well as established companies really dialing it in. We also do the first "Studio 78 Confessional" which is a little different than we are used to.

Have a great weekend and we hope to see some people at El Vaquero Loco this weekend!

Show Notes:

PC: Where Did Your Feet Take You? Winner: Lori Cepa- South Phoenix

Episode #49- Leon Lutz: Writing, running and life

Episode #49- Leon Lutz: Writing, running and life

September 6, 2016

While we were up at the El Vaquero Loco 50k we talked Leon Lutz into sitting down at a picnic table and grabbing a microphone in one of the most beautiful settings you will find.

If you haven't had the pleasure to meet Leon, he is one of the most genuine and recognizable people around. 

Leon came to El Vaquero from Pennsylvania via the Outdoor Retailers Show is Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Thank you Leon for taking the time to chat with TrailManners and we cannot wait to cross paths again.....maybe in the Northeast.
You can see more of Leon's writing HERE
Check out the El Vaquero Loco HERE and don't miss it next year.
Show Notes:
  • El Vaquero Loco
  • The Bees' Knees
  • Writing
  • Pacing at Hardrock
Gear Garage #6- Skratch Labs Cookie Mix

Gear Garage #6- Skratch Labs Cookie Mix

September 2, 2016

Gear Garage #6 is a little different than normal, its not a YouTube video but its a on the spot low down of the new Cookie Mix from Skratch  Labs. We caught up with Lentine at the Outdoors Retailers show to give us the skinny.

More info on Skratch Labs Cookie Mix can be found HERE.

Special thanks to Stacey Barker at Barking Goat Studios for the awesome new Gear Garage logo. We LOVE it.
Episode #48- Turd’l Miller: He’s Back! Oh and he has new St George Race Series

Episode #48- Turd’l Miller: He’s Back! Oh and he has new St George Race Series

August 30, 2016

Contest Alert. We had such a great time on Episode #10- we had to get Turdl back on the show. He made a trip up in his VW bus to Ogden so we took him on a run up to Malans Peak before we recorded. Once we did the 2000' climb in the heat of the day we crammed into Studio78 and gave him a microphone and the shenanigans were underway- as well as the sweet scent of man.

We talk about his year as well as a cool race he is starting down in Southern Utah.
We also have a contest to a question that Turdl needs answered- when you answer it correctly you will be put into a drawing for a free race entry to his race!!!
Just respond on the Facebook link to this show- Good Luck!
Thanks again Turdl for a very entertaining show.
Show Notes:

Episode #47- Jason Poole & Charles Corfield

Episode #47- Jason Poole & Charles Corfield

August 24, 2016

Part 2 of our UltrAspire house shows we sat down with Jason Poole and Charles Corfield. These 2 guys have done it all! Jason has been to Barkley 7 TIMES, Hardrock, Leadville, UTMB, 2 time National Orienteering champion and many more- not to mention Joel was in love with Jason's hair.

Charles has run over 100 ultras, Everest, the Himalayas and "geezed" a ton of runners- in his words.
They both add a lot of knowledge and know how to Bryce's designs at UltrAspire.
We not only want to thank all the UltrAspire athletes for the past 2 episodes but a special thanks goes out to Bryce, Melanie, Tina and the entire UltrAspire family.
Show Notes:
  • Jason's hair
  • Their past adventures
  • The sport
  • Longevity
  • What's next?
Episode #46: Bree Lambert & Ian Sharman

Episode #46: Bree Lambert & Ian Sharman

August 23, 2016

When we got the opportunity to go to the UltrAspire house during Outdoor Retailers- we jumped. It was truly an all-star line up of not only amazing athletes but absolutely remarkable people.

The format was different and we had to be on our toes after recording 6 shows earlier in the day.
Our first podcast features Bree Lambert and Ian Sharman. Bree was gearing up for a run at Tahoe 50 and Ian was headed back to the Leadville 100 (Ian went on to win...again).
We talked about the sport of trail running, coaching and yes some racing as well.
Take some time and head over to their websites to have an more in-depth look as well as see if they may be the right coach for you!
Show Notes:
  • Coaching
  • Running 
  • Racing
  • Our sport
Episode #45- Bryon Powell: Hardrock, iRunFar & Where the Road Ends

Episode #45- Bryon Powell: Hardrock, iRunFar & Where the Road Ends

August 17, 2016

This guy doesn't really need much introduction so we will dive right into it. When we put Bryon behind the mic we had a few ideas what we wanted to discuss but we ended up everywhere. We had an amazing time talking about so many topics and stories but we thought we should put him on the spot with a few tougher questions.

Also we have a contest in play for the new book; Where the Road Ends by Meghan & Bryon. Stay tuned to the end of the podcast- we have 3 to give away.

Thanks to Bryon and Meghan and their entire team at iRunFar for all they have done to the trail community over the last 8+ years. 
Show Notes:
  • Hardrock 100
  • iRunFar
  • New Book: Where the Roads Ends
  • Advice to new trail runners
  • CONTEST!!!!- don't miss this one
Photo Credit: Jared Campbell
Episode #44- Jeff Browning: Western States/Hardrock double & Fat Adaptive

Episode #44- Jeff Browning: Western States/Hardrock double & Fat Adaptive

August 16, 2016

What a absolute pleasure to sit down with Jeff and talk about his big year. This show could have easily been 3 hours long with all the knowledge he was sharing. Have a listen to his thoughts on the Western States/Hardrock double and his road to recovery. He has been fat adaptive for 2016 and talks about the process and the benefits he has seen.

Thanks again #that90'sguy......giddy up!
Show Notes:
  • HURT 100 (1st 21:22)
  • Western States (3rd 16:30)
  • Hardrock 100 (4th 25:42)
  • Fat Adaptive
See more here- Jeff Browning

Photo Credit: Mile 90 Photography
Episode #43- Suffer Better: Give 110%

Episode #43- Suffer Better: Give 110%

August 10, 2016

We have been looking forward to this show for awhile now. Peter & Bob started Suffer Better a few years ago and they get it. Just another example of amazing people doing amazing things. We encourage everyone to head over to their website and support them in everything they do. In return- you get to fly the Suffer Better flag and be apart of changing lives. 

Thank you Peter, Bob and everyone who supports Suffer Better.
Don't forget to look into SB4GOOD. Make a difference!
Show Notes:
  • What is Suffer Better
  • Where did it come from
  • How can we get involved
Episode #42- Hayden Hawks: SpeedGoat 50k & Team USA

Episode #42- Hayden Hawks: SpeedGoat 50k & Team USA

August 9, 2016

To kick off our Outdoor Retailers Show Series we met up with Hayden Hawks. The last few months have been a whirlwind for Hayden as he appeared to come out of nowhere to smack the trail running world upside the head but as we talk to Hayden we find he has been setting these goals for himself for quite awhile. 

We want to congratulate Hayden on reaching his goals and wish him luck in September as he heads to Bulgaria to represent Team USA- NOW GO GET IT!
Show Notes:
  • Where he came from
  • SpeedGaot 50k
  • HOKA
  • Training in Southern Utah
  • Team USA

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