Episode #100- Jeff Browning: Giddyup!

Episode #100- Jeff Browning: Giddyup!

October 17, 2017

 Another big year for Jeff Browning is in the books and he just keeps getting fitter, faster, better and healthier- this is one guy who seems to have found the fountain of youth. We had Jeff on the once before and everytime we talk to him we learn a thing or two. From his stories about UTMB to his vast knowledge of OFM, we promise this show has something for everyone. 

CONTEST ALERT: And one of Jeff's sponsors- UltrAspire- has been kind enough to send over a Velocity pack for us to giveaway. The Velocity pack came from a napkin that Jeff started to skept out a few years back.

Enjoy Episode #100 and don't forget to listen to find out the contest rules.

Show Notes:

Episode #39- Dominick Layfield: Running Philosophy

Episode #39- Dominick Layfield: Running Philosophy

July 26, 2016
There are so many amazing and unique stories in running. When we had a chance to talk to Dom about his running career and philosophy, we knew we had to jump right on it. Dom talked about some interesting points when it comes to his style of training and racing- from nutrition and hydration to heart rate training. Since he is a graduate from Oxford and MIT we just sat back and took notes.  He mentioned ultra running as the "wild west" of training and we couldn't agree more. 
Thanks Dom for an unforgettable show. 

Show Notes:

  • Running philosophy
  • Wild west of training
  • Heart rate training
Episode #19- Suzanne Lewis: Nutrition, Dietician and some racing

Episode #19- Suzanne Lewis: Nutrition, Dietician and some racing

March 15, 2016

We had an amazing time getting together at Park City Running Company with Suzanne Lewis. She embodies what the trail community is about and we are already looking forward to our next show with her. She is not only a rockstar runner but also a dietician and nutritionist. She shares her secrets and educates us along the way. After you listen to the show, be sure to email us some questions that we will jot down and cover next time we have her on. 

Thanks again Suzanne and good luck at Western States!
Check out her website at
Show Notes
  • Dirty Chai's
  • Race Weight- the right way
  • Eating for training 
  • Mindful eating
  • Finding the love for running....again
  • Western States
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