Episode #97- Luke Nelson: The Champ is back

Episode #97- Luke Nelson: The Champ is back

September 26, 2017

Our repeat champion, Luke Nelson, is back to fill us in on his 2017 activism, adventures and what he has in store for 2018.

When we last spoke with Luke Nelson, in February of 2017, he was preparing for RUFA and hinted at some extraordinary adventure runs for the Summer of 2017 (Utah 13ers and Nolans). In this interview we learned that Luke and Jared Campbell set the record for the fastest traverse of Utah’s 13ers and that they had a successful attempt at Nolans but did come up a bit short on the Nolans FKT.

We wrap up the interview talking about the Bear 100, running Hardrock 100 or even maybe Barkley’s Marathon (yikes!), and the new race distances for the 2018 SMUT.

Show Notes:

  • Running across Bear Ears National Monument 
  • The cost of beauty, loving our Monuments to death
  • 2017 recap, have you even raced yet?
  • Utah 13ers FKT with Jared Campbell
  • Nolans FKT attempt with Jared Campbell
  • 2018 racing plans Hardrock or Barkley
  • SMUT 100 miler

PC: Jared Campbell

Episode #68- Luke Nelson: 3 time Champion (Contest Alert)

Episode #68- Luke Nelson: 3 time Champion (Contest Alert)

January 24, 2017

Here we go again- our #1 downloaded podcast guest is back for your listening pleasure. Luke traveled down to Outdoor Retailers in Salt Lake City and had time to stop by for yet another entertaining show. We did a quick litte recap of 2016 and poked and prodded to get some details on his 2017 plans. His focus has changed a bit for the year but he has some big plans in store. We get into the SMUT RD's head and he even issues a little RD Challenge. We are always happy to sitdown and talk to Luke and we am sure you will enjoy the show.

CONTEST ALERT: It has been awhile but Luke has announced our next contest but you better get on it- it only lasts a couple weeks. 

Enjoy the show.

Show Notes:

  • How does it feel to be a TrailManners Champion
  • 2016 Recap
  • 2017 Plans
  • SMUT
  • RD Challenge
  • A Contest!
Episode #33- Luke Nelson: With Whom Lies Responsibility

Episode #33- Luke Nelson: With Whom Lies Responsibility

June 14, 2016
With all the buzz around a recent article put out by iRunFar written by Luke Nelson we knew we had to get him on again. Unfortunately we had to do it via Google Hangouts so the sound isn't what we hoped it would be. As we still work on dialing that in- the info we talk about with Luke needs to be heard. You can head over to iRunFar and read the article HERE. With the growth of our sport and more and more people getting out to enjoy the backcountry- Luke's article should make us all stop and think. We would love to hear your comments and views.
We also planted a seed on a great idea we had: Backcountry Survival weekend by Luke Nelson. I can't wait- :)

Show Notes:

  • Runners Responsibility 
  • Who is in charge of taking care of you?
  • Mentors
  • "Ignorance & Complacency"
  • Luke Training & Racing
Episode #32- Scout Mountain Ultra Race Recap

Episode #32- Scout Mountain Ultra Race Recap

June 7, 2016
Well we had big plans of doing a show after the SMUT race this past Saturday but unfortunately we were toast. The heat and race took its toll so after about an hour of sitting around trying to regroup we called it and started the drive back home. We had a great time seeing some familiar faces and new ones and as always enjoyed our journey in the mountains. 
During this show will we recap the race and just talk trails.

Show Notes:

  • SMUT Race
  • We got cooked
  • Coaching
  • Why run?
Best of TrailManners #2: Luke Nelson

Best of TrailManners #2: Luke Nelson

May 3, 2016

Alright folks- you spoke we listened. After the Best of last week we got some feedback and decided to throw out the #2 show- Luke Nelson. Is it a coincidence that these 2 shows were shot the same day, same location and pretty much the same time?

Enjoy the show- next week we are back to game on!
Episode #11- Luke Nelson: “You can do more than you think you can.”

Episode #11- Luke Nelson: “You can do more than you think you can.”

January 19, 2016
PODCAST note: There is a SMUT race contest with this episode. That's right- a free entry into the distance of your choice for Scout Mountain Ultra but that's not all- you will also receive a Patagonia hat AND shirt from the race. Make sure to listen to find out all the details..
With the Outdoor Retailers Show showing up in SLC, UT we knew we had to score a few high quality shows. The opportunity to throw a mic at Luke Nelson was a no brainer. Not only is he one of those people that you want to be around but he makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Luke grew up in the mountains but it wasn't until a dare to run a marathon got him fired up about running and the rest is history. 
Luke was dared to sign up a week before a local marathon (with no training) and he obliged. He had about a week to get ready so he started training. A few days after he registered he got in a 3 mile training run but that left his legs a bit tired and sore. In true runner fashion he decided to taper after those 3 miles and let the legs rest. A couple days after that he raced that marathon and finished in 3:10 and third in his age group- he was hooked. 
Luke has traveled all over the world running and racing but calls Pocatello, Idaho his home. He is no stranger to adventure runs and as he says "there is always something in the cooker".
Luke just finished up one of those runs with partner in crime- Ty Draney. They seem to always come up with "very bad ideas" and laugh to tell about it. 
2016 is a big year for Luke, he has retained a coach and is gearing up for the Sky Running World Extreme series in Europe. 
We had a great time chatting with Luke and we thank him for all he has done for the sport. 
Check out more of Luke on his site HERE
For more info on the SMUT races- Click HERE 
Show Notes:
  • SMUT Races- World Class Events
  • Race Directing is harder than running an Ultra
  • Luke and Ty Draney take on the Grey's River Range
  • Sky Running World Extreme Series
  • Rickey Gates FKT Project
  • SMUT Entry Give-away!
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