Episode #134- Preston Wood & Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100 recap

Episode #134- Preston Wood & Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100 recap

January 29, 2019

Fresh off their HURT 100 race, I sit down with Preston Wood and Trevor Fuchs over deep fried cheese curds and get an inside look of the race and all its rugged beauty. Trevor came away with a 2nd place finish and Preston vows to return after a DNF. 

Thanks for the time and great stories fellas. I still think there are monkeys on the course.


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  • Race Day
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  • Lightning Round

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Episode #110- Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100

Episode #110- Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100

February 6, 2018


 Back for his third time on the TrailManners Podcast we have Trevor Fuchs right off his HURT 100 5th place finish. The 2-time Wasatch 100 winner had a few challenges at HURT besides the brutal course and humidity- thrown in was major cramping starting at Mile 19 and of course a Ballistic Missile Attack scare. Trevor gives us a great account of the HURT 100 and why he wants to go back next year.

Show Notes:

  • HURT 100 
  • 5th Place 24:32
  • Tarahumara Blessing
  • Ballistic Missile Attack Alert
  • 2018
  • Wasatch 100 2018

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