Episode #124- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200 Finale

Episode #124- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200 Finale

October 9, 2018

Harrison Fluman is a Bigfoot 200 finisher!! We tracked him throughout the year and had 3 podcasts building up to the longest race of his life. We are so proud and happy to see Harrison come out the other side. This was such a fun show to record and watch the expressions as he took us along the journey.

Thanks Harry- you are one of the special ones and we are lucky to call you a friend.

Show Notes:

  • Past Episodes: #113, #118 & #120
  • Bigfoot 200 Finish- 32nd: 81:12
  • What's Next?
Episode #120- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200

Episode #120- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200

August 7, 2018

Aric had an exciting time sitting down with Harrison just days before his first go at a 200 mile race- Bigfoot 200. We have sat down with Harrison two other times and followed his progress to race day. This show was special because we had so many questions for you- the listeners. Thank you for all the amazing questions. 

We want to wish Harrison GOOD LUCK on his adventure and look forward to chatting with him after his success at the Bigfoot 200. Go get 'em Harry! We are all behind you!

Show Notes:


PC: Aric and his selfie skills

Episode #119- It’s a Hardrock Life!

Episode #119- It’s a Hardrock Life!

July 24, 2018

On location is Silverton Colorado for the Hardrock 100. Aric snagged a few people for a roundtable on what makes Silverton and the Hardrock 100 so special. Thank you Breein, Harrison and Jeff for joining in and thanks for the fun miles in the San Juans!


PC: Some stranger on the top of Grant Swamp Pass. 

Episode #118- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200 Prep Part 2

Episode #118- Harrison Fluman: Bigfoot 200 Prep Part 2

July 3, 2018

This is part 2 of a 4 part series as we follow Harrison Fluman through his training and eventually Bigfoot 200 race on August 10th. We check in to see how the training is going and if his pacer/crew situation has come together. For Part 3 we would love to have listeners send in questions we can ask him later in July.

Thanks again Harry and Good Luck!

Show Notes:

Episode #113: Harrison Fluman- Quest for the Bigfoot 200

Episode #113: Harrison Fluman- Quest for the Bigfoot 200

April 17, 2018

After a litte hiatus, we are back with a new Epsiode. In #113, Aric is joined by Harrison Fluman who will be attempting his first 200 mile trail race in August. Like we did with Jeff Hart (Hardrock 100) last year, we are going to do a series of shows as Harrison builds up to the Bigfoot 200.

We are happy to be back and hope you enjoy the show.

Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • Running History
  • Race Resume
  • How his racing has changed
  • Bigfoot 200
  • The "Plan"
Episode #16- Pacing and another TM contest

Episode #16- Pacing and another TM contest

March 1, 2016
After we catch up on some local weekly news we jump right into a topic that is dear to our hearts- pacing. Now pacing a trail/ultra race is a totally different ball game than pacing at a road race. 
How do you select a pacer? What makes a good pacer? What are a pacers duties? Pacing pros and cons? Pacer preparations? Do you need a pacer? Is there pacing pressure? Pacer gifts? Car drops?
We dive into all these topics and hope to answer some questions and entertain you at the same time. Make sure you listen to the end so you can jump in and participate in the next TM contest. We look forward to hearing those great pacer stories!
Thanks for listening...enjoy!

Show Notes

  • Running up for Air
  • Thanks John & Kristin
  • New TM Gear for sale
  • Pacing
  • Smurf Nuts?
  • Another contest!

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