Episode #38- Brian Tolbert: The “Power-Stache”

Episode #38- Brian Tolbert: The “Power-Stache”

July 19, 2016
We headed back to our home away from home in Park City and met up with guest Brian Tolbert at Park City Running Company. Right when we walked in the door we got the first real life glimpse on the "power- stache". Mr. Tolbert is one on the good ones in the sport. He is a great guy and just easy to sit and chat with.
Brian started in with a little background of his bike racing life until the switch over to running the trail. He may be a little newer to trail racing but he has some super impressive results. He takes us on a race by race breakdown as well as what's ahead. 
Thanks again to Canice and Park City Running Company and of course Brian "power-stache" Tolbert.
Show Notes:
  • Power Lip beard a.k.a- Power-stache
  • Aric's perm
  • Bike racing
  • Brian's Triathlon experience
  • Trail running
Episode #36- Ashley Nordell: Bighorn 100 Winner and New CR

Episode #36- Ashley Nordell: Bighorn 100 Winner and New CR

July 5, 2016
We are super excited to get Ashley Nordell on Google Hangouts for this episode.  I have been a fan of Ashley's for many years. She does "her thing" quietly and just goes out and racks up wins. Fresh off her Bighorn 100 win, Ashley talks to us about how this years race was different, the challenges faced with racing and being a mom as well as working with a coach for the first time.
Have a listen and enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Bighorn 100- 1st Place women/5th Place Overall (21:38)- New CR
  • Being coached
  • Balance: Being a mom and running
  • What's next?
(Photo credit: Scott Kruis)
Episode #35- Debbie Farka: Training with a Coach

Episode #35- Debbie Farka: Training with a Coach

June 28, 2016
With all the questions we have been getting in regards to coaching we thought we would bring someone on that knew firsthand. Debbie has never been coached but in January of this year that changed. She talks about the process she has gone through and how it has positively impacted not just her running but her life. As the interview goes on you can hear the excitement in her voice as she gets closer to her "A" race in September.
Thanks Debbie for taking the time to sit down with TrailManners.
Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • Getting a Coach
  • Changes to training
  • Structure
  • Diamond Days (gonna start seeing some hashtags with that)
Episode #32- Scout Mountain Ultra Race Recap

Episode #32- Scout Mountain Ultra Race Recap

June 7, 2016
Well we had big plans of doing a show after the SMUT race this past Saturday but unfortunately we were toast. The heat and race took its toll so after about an hour of sitting around trying to regroup we called it and started the drive back home. We had a great time seeing some familiar faces and new ones and as always enjoyed our journey in the mountains. 
During this show will we recap the race and just talk trails.

Show Notes:

  • SMUT Race
  • We got cooked
  • Coaching
  • Why run?
Episode #5- Ty Draney: Fat biking, Barkley and “Type 3 Fun”

Episode #5- Ty Draney: Fat biking, Barkley and “Type 3 Fun”

December 8, 2015

Just like a race- when you don't get the result you want, you come back for more. That is what happened when we sat down with Ty a few months back and did a show with him. It did not come out how we wanted so we had our people get in touch with his people and we were lucky enough to book him again. I say we were lucky because Ty does it all- coaching, race directing, running, coaching, racing, traveling, teaching, did I say coaching? and of course a great family man. 

You will be hard pressed to find a better person than Ty- he is one of the true good people out there and we were excited to hear what he is looking at for 2016. 
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show and please head on over to to see and learn more.

Show Notes
  • Fat biking
  • Barkley dreamin'
  • Jared Campbell, Mt Ranier and "type 3 fun"
  • How to find the right coach
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