Episode #81- Erik Storheim: Barkley Marathons

Episode #81- Erik Storheim: Barkley Marathons

April 25, 2017

One of the things we really look forward to is when we can get some guests on the show that have been around the scene for awhile. The stories, the changes and the evolution of the sport are fascinating. Erik has been doing ultras since 2005 and his race resume speaks for itself. We were pumped to get him on the show to talk a little bit about the sport and its evolution but also talk about his experience over the last 2 years of heading out to run the Barkley Marathons. 

Show Notes:

  • Erik's history
  • Evolution of trail running
  • "Control what you can control"
  • Barkley Marathons
  • MRC Blog
SingleTrack Session #33

SingleTrack Session #33

April 6, 2017

Lots to talk about with a crazy weekend of racing. Barkley's took over social media and the Georgia Death Race wasn't far behind. Check out the show notes for more.

Show Notes:

  • REI Co-Founder Mary Anderson passes away at 107
  • Episode #78: Gina Lucrezi- Trail Sisters
  • Barkley's Marathon
  • Georgia Death Race
  • Hayden Hawks represents USA
  • Turd'l Tracker 
  • Date with Turd'l bidding for the Ogden Trail Running Film Festival HERE
  • Gary Robbins blog post
  • Laz

A message from the RD of The Barkley Marathons #bm100:

i wish i had never said 6 seconds...

gary had just come in after having run off course
and missing the last 2 miles of the barkley.
that is, of course, not a finish.

i do, however, always record when runners come in,
whether they are finishing a loop, or not.
so, i had looked at the watch,
even tho there was no possibility that he would be counted as a finisher.

so, when someone asked if he had gotten in before the limit;
i foolishly answered.

i never expected the story to somehow become that he had missed the time limit by 6 seconds.
he failed to complete the course by 2 miles.
the time, in that situation, is meaningless.

i hate it, because this tale perpetuates the myth that the barkley does not have a course.
the barkley is a footrace.
it is not an orienteering contest,
nor a scavenger hunt.
the books are nothing more than unmanned checkpoints.

the boston marathon has checkpoints.
and you have to show up at all of them or you can be disqualified...

that does not mean you are allowed to follow any route you choose between checkpoints.

now, the class with which gary handled this terrible disappoinment
at the end of a truly magnificent performance...
that was exceptional,
and is, in and of itself, a remarkable achievement.

but he did not miss the time limit by 6 seconds.
he failed to complete the barkley by 2 miles.


**As sent to The Ultra List, a public forum.

Episode #49- Leon Lutz: Writing, running and life

Episode #49- Leon Lutz: Writing, running and life

September 6, 2016

While we were up at the El Vaquero Loco 50k we talked Leon Lutz into sitting down at a picnic table and grabbing a microphone in one of the most beautiful settings you will find.

If you haven't had the pleasure to meet Leon, he is one of the most genuine and recognizable people around. 

Leon came to El Vaquero from Pennsylvania via the Outdoor Retailers Show is Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Thank you Leon for taking the time to chat with TrailManners and we cannot wait to cross paths again.....maybe in the Northeast.
You can see more of Leon's writing HERE
Check out the El Vaquero Loco HERE and don't miss it next year.
Show Notes:
  • El Vaquero Loco
  • The Bees' Knees
  • Writing
  • Pacing at Hardrock
Episode #47- Jason Poole & Charles Corfield

Episode #47- Jason Poole & Charles Corfield

August 24, 2016

Part 2 of our UltrAspire house shows we sat down with Jason Poole and Charles Corfield. These 2 guys have done it all! Jason has been to Barkley 7 TIMES, Hardrock, Leadville, UTMB, 2 time National Orienteering champion and many more- not to mention Joel was in love with Jason's hair.

Charles has run over 100 ultras, Everest, the Himalayas and "geezed" a ton of runners- in his words.
They both add a lot of knowledge and know how to Bryce's designs at UltrAspire.
We not only want to thank all the UltrAspire athletes for the past 2 episodes but a special thanks goes out to Bryce, Melanie, Tina and the entire UltrAspire family.
Show Notes:
  • Jason's hair
  • Their past adventures
  • The sport
  • Longevity
  • What's next?
Episode #41- Jennliyn Eaton: Barkley’s & Millwood 100

Episode #41- Jennliyn Eaton: Barkley’s & Millwood 100

August 3, 2016

Jennilyn is definitely one of our favorite guests ( Episode #4). Our schedules finally worked out so we came back to Park City Run Company to get the scoop on her Barkley's Marathon as well as her amazing feat of finishing the Millwood 100. You never now what to expect with Jennilyn and this show proved it- we had mentions on a stare down with a mountain lion and some awesome Harry Potter references.

Show Notes: 
  • Barkley Marathon
  • Millwood 100
  • Staring contest with a mountain lion
  • RUFA
  • Harry Potter
Episode #27- Ty Draney: The Barkley Marathon

Episode #27- Ty Draney: The Barkley Marathon

April 12, 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, we are jumping head first into a new world for us here at TrailManners....Google Hangouts. We have so many people we want to talk to and getting face to face is nearly impossible so we tried our first show through the web. While we are happy with ho it turned out we know we can dial it in more. Thank you for your patience.
We are thrilled to have on one of our favorite guests for a second time- Ty Draney. He is everything that the sport embodies. He recently headed to Tennessee to have a go at The Barkley Marathon. Have a listen to the show to hear a little bit more about his experience. 
For more info on the race  heck out the documentary HERE. 

Show Notes:

  • Google Hangouts
  • Barkley Marathon Intro
  • Picking up Instagram followers
  • Navigation
  • Future plans
Episode #5- Ty Draney: Fat biking, Barkley and “Type 3 Fun”

Episode #5- Ty Draney: Fat biking, Barkley and “Type 3 Fun”

December 8, 2015

Just like a race- when you don't get the result you want, you come back for more. That is what happened when we sat down with Ty a few months back and did a show with him. It did not come out how we wanted so we had our people get in touch with his people and we were lucky enough to book him again. I say we were lucky because Ty does it all- coaching, race directing, running, coaching, racing, traveling, teaching, did I say coaching? and of course a great family man. 

You will be hard pressed to find a better person than Ty- he is one of the true good people out there and we were excited to hear what he is looking at for 2016. 
Sit back, relax and enjoy the show and please head on over to to see and learn more.

Show Notes
  • Fat biking
  • Barkley dreamin'
  • Jared Campbell, Mt Ranier and "type 3 fun"
  • How to find the right coach
Episode #4- Jennilyn Eaton: Suffering is humorous.

Episode #4- Jennilyn Eaton: Suffering is humorous.

December 1, 2015
With Studio 78 under the weather, we headed down to Salt Lake City to meet up with Jennilyn Eaton at Beans & Brews for some java and conversation. Luckily for us she had a small window in yet another busy day of being a mom, working at Park City Running Company training at Momentum and coming back from an injury. 

Early on we knew this was going to be a great show as she informed us of some major plans for 2016. The plan starts with trying to get into the Barkley Marathon and then follow that up with the "Wasatch Monopoly". Jennilyn will also throw her name into the Wasatch 100 lottery after receiving "the white dress"- on a dare. Needless to say Jennilyn will have her hands full and we here at TrailManners wish her the best of luck but after sitting down with her we are not sure she needs it!

To see and read more about Jennilyn and her adventures, head on over to

Show Notes
  • RunMo
  • The Wasatch Monopoly
  • The Barkley Movement
  • Suffering is humorous?
  • Mountain Misfits

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