Singletrack Session #125

February 7, 2019

Races are in full swing, podcast schedule is loaded and we are just getting started. Lots to talk about on this weeks Singletrack Session.  Have a great week and stay safe out there!


Show Notes:

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PC: Hannah Sons- Sunset Cliffs, San Diego- weekly WDYFTY Winner

Singletrack Session #123

January 24, 2019

Back from southern Utah and back to the snow. We talk FKT's of the year, a big win at the Montane Spine Race and a "Big Ask". Fun week for Singletrack Session #123 and lots of plans for the future.....cha-cha-change!


Show Notes:

PC: Brandon Root- Draper, UT BST- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Episode #133- Turd’l Miller: The 750ml show

January 22, 2019

I was recently in southern Utah and anytime I am there I love to catch up with Mr. Turd'l Miller. He always serves as a great trail guide and he took time out of his day to sit down and talk about what he has been up to. 

Thanks for the time Turd'l and congrats on being the first 5th time guest of the show.


Show Notes:

  • He's back again- the 750 ml show (The Fifth)
  • What has Mr Miller been up to
  • Thoughts of Joel's announcement
  • Future Plans
  • Lightning Round

Singletrack Session #57

October 5, 2017

 The Bear and Beanies. We are happy and excited to announce that our Beanies are open for Pre-Sale. First 50 (well 48 cause we each get one) are up for grabs. They are selling fast and sure to be a hit. We also talk a lot about the Bear 100. It was a magical weekend here in Utah (and Idaho technically) as we got to see so many friends old and new at the incredible race. Congrats to all those who were there! 

And of course we announce this weeks winner of the WDYFTY contest. With the seasons changing we can't wait to see Where Youyr Feet Take You.

Have a great week and enjoy the Singletrack Session.

Show Notes:


PC: Sarah Ohm- Yeti 100: Damascus, VA; WDYFTY Weekly Winner

Episode #98- Turd’L Miller: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

October 3, 2017

Anytime we get a chance to talk to Turd'l we take it. There is never a dull moment so we need to take full advantage when we can. Not only do we enjoy having him on the show but we like to just sit in Studio 78 eating burritos, drinking beer and rockin puffies. 

We want to encourage everyone to come to St George the first weekend in December for a celebration of trail running at the Capstone races. See you all at "The Stone".

Show Notes:

Episode #67- Turd’l Miller: 3rd times a Charm

January 17, 2017

He's baaaaack! Mr. Turd'l Miller has returned to the TrailManners podcast with hopes of taking over the #1 spot. On this trip up in his brand new Sprinter rig, he forgot the tacos but brought some spoons. We sit down with him to talk about what it feels like not only to be #2 but also check in on how year one of the Capstone races went. It is always an out of control freight train when Turd'l joins us and this was no exception. We hope you like the show and we all want to send Turd'l some good mojo for the upcomnig Wasatch 100 lottery.


Show Notes:

  • Is the 3rd time really a charm?
  • Who does #2 work for
  • Capstone Races
  • His new ride
  • 2017 at a glance


Episode #48- Turd’l Miller: He’s Back! Oh and he has new St George Race Series

August 30, 2016

Contest Alert. We had such a great time on Episode #10- we had to get Turdl back on the show. He made a trip up in his VW bus to Ogden so we took him on a run up to Malans Peak before we recorded. Once we did the 2000' climb in the heat of the day we crammed into Studio78 and gave him a microphone and the shenanigans were underway- as well as the sweet scent of man.

We talk about his year as well as a cool race he is starting down in Southern Utah.
We also have a contest to a question that Turdl needs answered- when you answer it correctly you will be put into a drawing for a free race entry to his race!!!
Just respond on the Facebook link to this show- Good Luck!
Thanks again Turdl for a very entertaining show.
Show Notes:

Best of TrailManners #1: Turd’l Miller

April 26, 2016

As we regroup from family loss and family surgery, we will bring back our top played episode to date. Congrats to Turd'l for pulling this off- So much fun and loads of laughs.

Enjoy the show and have a great week!

Episode #14- Wasatch 100, Western States and a loss to the community

February 9, 2016
When trouble hits the trail community people really step up. We had to say goodbye to yet another amazing person. It is humbling and inspiring to see so many people ready to do whatever is needed to help. We feel fortunate to be associated with so many people and groups and see and hear what they are willing to do. RIP Stephen Jones and condolences to your family.
Western States steps up big time and possibly sets a trend for racing, testing and PED's.
Wasatch 100 held their lottery and our man Turd'l Miller finally got the call- time to run Turd'l!
Again- thanks for listening and don't forget to share us and invite all your friends to listen.

Show Notes

  • Stephen Jones
  • Wasatch 100 Lottery
  • Western States and PED's
  • Superbowl Sunday

Episode #10- Turd’l Miller: “Man, I feel like a woman.”

January 12, 2016
If you have ever been to a Ultra Adventure race, you most likely came across Turdl Miller. He is an all around good guy and let's face it- he is pretty darn funny too. Turdl took some time from Outdoor Retailers in SLC, UT to invite us into his 1989 VW Bus for a very memorable show. 
We discussed his role at Ultra Adventures as well as his 2016 race schedule. TrailManners found out Turdl has put in for the 2016 Wasatch 100 and we hope the lottery gods #LetTurdlRun! 
We received some great insight into the VanLife from a seasoned pro and walked away enlightened.
We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did recording it.
For more information on the Ultra Adventures Race Series- just click HERE. 

Show Notes:

  • Ultra Adventures
  • VanLife
  • Turdl is delicious?
  • #LetTurdlRun
  • Bus Yelp