Singletrack Session #130

March 21, 2019

Special thanks to guest co-host Debbie Farka as we take some fun questions and real issues. We started with a run, our dogs, beer, pizza and of course a podcast.

Show Notes:


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PC: Ty Draney - Canyonlands- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Episode #69- Ty Draney & Debbie Farka: DNF and Donut Eating Contest

January 31, 2017

We sure love it when some of our favorite people come back for another podcast. On this trip down, Ty hit the trails with Debbie Farka (returning guest) and the TrailManners crew on a magical snowy run and we must say his bionic leg is working great! After the run we tried and tried to get Joel's truck unstuck from the big snowfall but to no avail and we had to return later for a go.

During the show we talked about Ty's recovery, his amazing race in Afton and we all chimed in on the subject of DNF's. The show was full of fun and we threw in a donut eating contest to spice things up. Unfortuantely we ran out of donuts but we never did run out of laughs. The great part of this show is Ty's "Neck Meat" was on point!

Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • #Neck Meat
  • Sugery and recovery
  • El Vaquero
  • Donut Eating Contest
  • The DNF
  • Donut Count (Ty 9, Aric 7, Joel 4, Debbie 4)

Episode #35- Debbie Farka: Training with a Coach

June 28, 2016
With all the questions we have been getting in regards to coaching we thought we would bring someone on that knew firsthand. Debbie has never been coached but in January of this year that changed. She talks about the process she has gone through and how it has positively impacted not just her running but her life. As the interview goes on you can hear the excitement in her voice as she gets closer to her "A" race in September.
Thanks Debbie for taking the time to sit down with TrailManners.
Enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

  • Getting a Coach
  • Changes to training
  • Structure
  • Diamond Days (gonna start seeing some hashtags with that)