Singletrack Session #9

September 8, 2016

Fall is in the AIR! We took Studio 78 to one of our favorite places to open up our junk drawer to record Singletrack Session #9. We jammed a lot of info into one show as you can see in the show notes. 

We would like to make sure you see the link below for one of our friends and fellow bad ass trail runners from Boise. Ryan' s daughter has been in ICU since July. We can;t imagine what they are going through as a family but we wanted to show some support by posting the link to their GoFundMe page. If you have a few dollars please click the link below and help them out. 
Click HERE for the Anderson GoFundMe Page
Show Notes:
  • Intermountain Healthcare Sponsor
  • RUT Results
  • Fall 100's
  • Gear Garage #7- coming Friday
  • Upcoming Shows
  • Upcoming Ambit3 Vertical Giveaway
  • What Races TrailManners to do in 2017?
  • TM Gear- Beanies and Hoodies- COMING SOON

Singletrack Session #7

August 25, 2016

Lots to go through this week. 

  • Pearl Izumi says Good Bye to their run business. 
  • Gu Youtube Video- Gear Garage #3
  • Contest from Episode #45
  • Upcoming shows
  • Leadville recap
  • UTMB

Episode #24- Buffalo Run: Amy Musgrove

March 25, 2016

When we talk to a guest we have never met or spoken to, we get a little nervous. After Amy sat down we knew we were going to have a gem of a show on our hands. Amy came down from Great Falls, MT to run her 1st ever 50 mile trail race. Soon as she finished she came on over and sat down for a show that was full of laughs. Our 4th show from the island will not disappoint. Thanks Amy for putting up with us and good luck in your future endeavors.

Show Notes:
  • Her 1st 50 mile trail race
  • Hot Dogs as fuel
  • Lactic Acid....myth
  • Her race strategy 
  • "I can't even drive that far"


Episode #23- Buffalo Run: Jacquie King

March 24, 2016

She did it! Jacquie King finished her first 50 mile trail race and within 5 minutes we had her behind the mic and getting her thoughts on the day. It was great to get in her head and listen to what she had to say about her race, beer, quitting her "adulting job" and future goals for racing. Thanks Jacquie and good luck moving forward.

Show Notes:
  • Outdoor Ambiance
  • Thoughts on her 1st 50 miler
  • Her 80/20 rule
  • M.O.P.E.D.
  • No "Adulting" job

Episode #22- Buffalo Run: Zac Marion

March 23, 2016

Our next show in the Buffalo Run Series is with Zac Marion. Zac is a local guy who is always smiling at these events. He had a good day running the 50 mile race - placing 1st and then took some time sit down with us and talk shop. Thanks Zac and good luck in 2016.

Show Notes:
  • Race & Have fun
  • "Eyeing" some FKT's
  • The Grand Loop
  • Active Recovery
  • "Beach season"

Episode #21- Buffalo Run: Leslie Howlett

March 22, 2016

Studio 78 may not have wanted to go to the island but the crew here at TrailManners wasn't going to miss it. We were excited to be there and to grab a few people to talk too after a finish.

Our first guest we got behind the mic was Leslie Howlett and she was coming off a solid 5:01 finish in the 50k. 
Show Notes:
  • Race day thoughts
  • "Ankle stretching"
  • Nursing school
  • Thoughts on the Grand Slam
  • Western States training/thoughts
  • Zion Traverse

Episode #15- We are back! Race results, Buffalo Run and Strength Training

February 23, 2016

Did you miss us? We sure missed you. After an amazing trip to DC we are back and firing on all cylinders. We thought we would start by catching up on a few race results from Moab and Black Canyon. A couple early season races in amazing places. Congrats to those who punched tickets to the "big dance"- Western States 100 and all those who got out. 

We had to take a few minutes to give a huge thanks and shout out to Mr. Jim Skaggs from Buffalo Run Adventures for all his support and help through the years. The Buffalo Run is fast approaching and registration closes on February 29th. Don't put it off any longer- register! The island is a magical place to run and the finish line party is crazy fun- plus you can get some amazing Buffalo Stew.
We close it out with some tips from our very own Joel Hatch on strength training. He throws out some great advice and helps answer a few questions to get started.
Thanks again for listening and don't forget to visit the site soon for some great TrailManners gear!
Show Notes:


Episode #9- Jim Skaggs: Race Directing and Enabling

January 5, 2016

It's a New Year and here at TrailManners we are off and running. And we thought we would kick it off with a local legend, awesome RD and all around great guy- Jim Skaggs.

Jim has been a solid presence in the Wasatch Mountains since they formed. He has done so much for the trail and ultra running community in Utah and we wanted to know more about him. 
He started the Buffalo Run with a little over 100 runners and now as he exceeds 800 he still hasn't lost that small race, home town feel. With his home brew and amazing wife Karen (the best stew cook this side of the Mississippi) they make sure all the runners have a great time before and after the race. You would be hard pressed to find a chink in his armor other than the fact he doesn't like IPA's. 
Jim not only puts on incredible races but he gets out and performs at the best of them too. He is a Grand Slammer and throws in the occasional 5k for fun. He is well versed in the art of racing- from timed runs on a flat track to going sub 30 at Wasatch. We were excited to sit down with Jim and ask him the hard questions....or something like that.

Head on over to Buffalo Run Adventures and see what all the hoopla is about!

Show Notes:
  • Race Directing
  • Buffalo Run Adventures
  • Being a Race Addict
  • Fear of "getting old"