Episode #138- Mike McKnight: 200 milers a Broken Back and so much more

Episode #138- Mike McKnight: 200 milers a Broken Back and so much more

April 2, 2019

It was a privilege to sit down with Michael McKnight and hear his amazing journey from a broken back to finding his love of running. Mike is humble and strong, inspiring and real- Mike is what this beautiful sport is all about. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did recording it. Thank you Mike and Good Luck at Western States!

Show Notes:

  • Antelope Island 100 winner
  • A Broken Back changes things
  • Triple Crown 2017- Best Combine Time- 205:04:18
  • Western States 100
  • The Future

PC: Scott Rokis Photography

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Singletrack Session #95

Singletrack Session #95

June 28, 2018

This week Aric recaps the Western States 100 race and announces our contest winners, gets you ready for the Hardrock 100 and of course covers the 2018 World Cup. 

Oh and Happy Birthday to our friend Megan "Flip Phone" Martinez!

Show Notes:

Don't forget to check out this years US Trail Running Conference in San Luis Obispo Aug 29-31st

PC: Martin Schneekloth: Mt. Rainer NP- Carbon River Trail- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Episode #117- Preston Wood: Western States 100 finisher 23:41

Episode #117- Preston Wood: Western States 100 finisher 23:41

June 26, 2018

HE DID IT! We had Preston on the podcast a few weeks back as he prepared for his 2nd 100-miler and 1st Western States 100. He threw down a goal of sub 24 and he went out and got it. 

We want to congratulate Preston again for his accomplishment and hard work. He not only is a fantastic trail runner but a great dude!

Listen to his race breakdown- it's awesome!

Singletrack Session #92

Singletrack Session #92

June 7, 2018

Contest Alert: Western States 100 2018 Contest is up and running. Listen to the podcast for rules and how to enter (hint -you need to comment on the Singletrack Session Podcast #92 on the TrailManners website. There are also a lot of race results as well as a reminder that poeple are always here for you. Please talk to somebody when things get rough. 

We also talk about the 6th annual US Trail Running Conference in San Luis Obispo, CA this August 29-31. The conference has a few days of amazing guest speakers and a great way to connect with other runners and Race Directors. 


Show Notes:

PC: Jason Child- Bonneville Shoreline Trail- Weekly WDYFTY Winner



Episode #115- Preston Wood: Western States 100 Prep

Episode #115- Preston Wood: Western States 100 Prep

June 5, 2018

 Preston Wood received good news the first time he put in for the Western States 100 lottery last year and has been training hard ever since. We had a great time talking with Preston and cannot wait to get him back on after the race. He sat down with us the day before he raced the Squaw Peak 50 and we grilled him on his upcoming Western race. He is such a great guy and we cannot send enough good vibes for his trip to Auburn later this month. Good Luck Preston- TrailManners will be sending all the good mojo your way!

***Update on his 2018 Squaw Peak 50- In the podcast he mentined his goal is to go under 10:30. Preston finished in 9:37

Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • From a 300 lb. offensive Lineman to the Western States 100 start line
  • All things Western States
  • His 2018 Squaw Peak goal
SingleTrack Session #43

SingleTrack Session #43

June 29, 2017

This is the first time we have had a show interrupted by a rattlesnake but we battled through and kept recording. There was just too much to cover and we wanted to talk about WS100, Sink Canyon and the El Vaquero Loco 2017 Race entry contest.

Have a listen, enjoy and participate in the contest so we can see you at El Vaquero.

Show Notes:

  • Episode #89 Recap- Psychology of Recovery
  • Rattlesnake Interruption- WTH?
  • Sink Canyon 50 recap
  • Western States recap
  • 4th of July show off- let's see it
  • El Vaquero Loco 2017 Entry Contest
  • Stop the trolling

PC: Racheal Zeiler- Blogett Arch (Where did your feet take you weekly winner)

Singletrack Session #18

Singletrack Session #18

December 8, 2016

Last weekend was rather large for the ultra/trail running community and we try and cover the hot topics. Joel announces the winner for the Decemember Donut contest and we definitely talk about Hardrock. Enjoy another episode of the Singletrack Session! Stay warm my friends....

Show Notes:

  • Donut Contest Winner
  • North Face 50
  • Hardrock Lottery
  • Western States Lottery
  • Hardrock trolling
  • Ogden Trail Running Festival
  • TrailManners Gear

(Photo Credit: Harrison Fluman)

Episode #44- Jeff Browning: Western States/Hardrock double & Fat Adaptive

Episode #44- Jeff Browning: Western States/Hardrock double & Fat Adaptive

August 16, 2016

What a absolute pleasure to sit down with Jeff and talk about his big year. This show could have easily been 3 hours long with all the knowledge he was sharing. Have a listen to his thoughts on the Western States/Hardrock double and his road to recovery. He has been fat adaptive for 2016 and talks about the process and the benefits he has seen.

Thanks again #that90'sguy......giddy up!
Show Notes:
  • HURT 100 (1st 21:22)
  • Western States (3rd 16:30)
  • Hardrock 100 (4th 25:42)
  • Fat Adaptive
See more here- Jeff Browning

Photo Credit: Mile 90 Photography
Episode #40- Canice Harte: Western States & Adventure racing

Episode #40- Canice Harte: Western States & Adventure racing

August 2, 2016

Canice was a guest on our show for Episode #20 and now we are back with him at Park City Running Company. He is fresh off a grueling adventure race in Wyoming and a sweet tan/burn/peel line from the event. We catch up with Canice on his preparation for Western States and the race itself. 

As always- thanks for the amazing hospitality!
Show Notes:
  • Western States prep
  • Western States 100 Race
  • Adventure Racing
  • Spine Race- Britain's most brutal race
Episode #20- Canice Harte and Park City Running Company

Episode #20- Canice Harte and Park City Running Company

March 17, 2016

Happy Saint Patricks Day! We have another bonus show for you- this time from Park City Running Company. We were happy that Canice took the bait and accepted the invite to be on the show. When we arrived he served up some Dirty Chai's and it was game on. With the chance of sounding like a broken record- Canice is an amazing guy and you can just feel how passionate he is about what he does. He has established an absolutely amazing run store while keeping the community in mind. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know Canice and hear the story of PCRC as well as talk about his own story of comebacks and running. Good Luck at Western States Canice- GO GET IT!

Stopping and support PCRC or check them out-
Show Notes:
  • Owner & Visionary of Park City Running Company
  • "Community Store"
  • Water Bottle King
  • Barista
  • Western States 2016