Episode #305: Trevor Fuchs - Journey to Hardrock 2021

Episode #305: Trevor Fuchs - Journey to Hardrock 2021

March 2, 2021

It is always fun having the chance to sit down and talk trails with Trevor "White Shoes" Fuchs. As one of the nicest people and runners in our sport, we just love his low key approach to what he loves. TrailManners will follow Trevor through his journey to his first running of the Hardrock 100 in July and grab fun tidbits of info as we go. 

Have a listen and follow along!


Show Notes:

  • A little History
  • Trevor " White Shoes"
  • Hardrock 100 2021
  • Hawaii
Episode #134- Preston Wood & Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100 recap

Episode #134- Preston Wood & Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100 recap

January 29, 2019

Fresh off their HURT 100 race, I sit down with Preston Wood and Trevor Fuchs over deep fried cheese curds and get an inside look of the race and all its rugged beauty. Trevor came away with a 2nd place finish and Preston vows to return after a DNF. 

Thanks for the time and great stories fellas. I still think there are monkeys on the course.


  • HURT 100
  • Race Day
  • Travel
  • Tips and Pointers
  • Lightning Round

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Episode #110- Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100

Episode #110- Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100

February 6, 2018


 Back for his third time on the TrailManners Podcast we have Trevor Fuchs right off his HURT 100 5th place finish. The 2-time Wasatch 100 winner had a few challenges at HURT besides the brutal course and humidity- thrown in was major cramping starting at Mile 19 and of course a Ballistic Missile Attack scare. Trevor gives us a great account of the HURT 100 and why he wants to go back next year.

Show Notes:

  • HURT 100 
  • 5th Place 24:32
  • Tarahumara Blessing
  • Ballistic Missile Attack Alert
  • 2018
  • Wasatch 100 2018

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PC: Howie Stern

Episode #96- Trevor Fuchs: 2017 Wasatch 100 winner (20:59)

Episode #96- Trevor Fuchs: 2017 Wasatch 100 winner (20:59)

September 12, 2017

The Wasatch 100 has another 2 time winner- Trevor Fuchs. We sit Trevor down in Studio 78 two days after another impressive win at the 2017 Wasatch 100. He pretty much ran at the front from the start and had a nearly flawless day. We cover the past year from working with a coach for the first time, running the inaugural Gib Wallace race (shameless plug) and getting married to his beautiful wife Tempest. Hanging out with Trevor is a blast and you can just see the love he has for trail running and the local trail community when he talks. After a little down time, Trevor will get right back on it for his trip to Hawaii in January 2018 for the running of the HURT 100....Good Luck!

Thank you Trevor for taking the time to talk and thank you for the reminder to make sure we have fun out there on the trails. 

Show Notes:

  • Recap 2016 Wasatch 100 Win- Episode #54
  • Wasatch training
  • Hiring a coach for the 1st time
  • Nutrition plan
  • Wasatch race details
  • Hurt 100- 2018
Episode #54- Trevor Fuchs: Wasatch 100 Winner

Episode #54- Trevor Fuchs: Wasatch 100 Winner

October 4, 2016
Its always great when your guests runs the rainy trails to get to Studio 78 for a show. During a solid little downpour, Trevor Fuchs (like books with an "F") jumped on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to meet up with us at 22nd st Trailhead for a very memorable show. 
He grew up in Boulder with a history or running in his family but it wasn't until he started to get unhealthy that he really started to get after it. 
We sat down with Trevor as he told the story of how he went on to win the Wasatch 100 by 3 seconds.
Thanks Trevor, we are sure we will see you on the trails.
Show Notes:
  • Retired Chef
  • How you got to Ogden
  • #wordvomit
  • Running background
  • Salt Flats 100 19:52
  • Wasatch 100 21:13
(PC: Julie McDermott)
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