Episode #83- Anna Frost: “Summit Our Own Mountain”

Episode #83- Anna Frost: “Summit Our Own Mountain”

May 9, 2017

Studio 78 has seen its fair share of guests but Episode #83 brought Anna Frost to the Captain's chair for an absolutely memorable episode! Frosty is as real as they come. She makes everyone around her feel comfortable and special at the same time. She loves taking about "you" and talks about herself only when asked. Her presence is bigger than her posters and banners you see around the world and leaves people with a smile to equal it. It was an absolute honor and priveledge for us to spend a couple days with her. Thank you Anna- you are amazing!

Show Notes:

  • Frosty's background
  • Now we are "besties"
  • Balance
  • Equality in trail running
  • "Pole Cat Gang"
  • Lightning Round
Episode #52- AmerSport Factory Outlet/Salomon: Conor Wright, Josh Korn & Mike Ambrose- and a Contest

Episode #52- AmerSport Factory Outlet/Salomon: Conor Wright, Josh Korn & Mike Ambrose- and a Contest

September 20, 2016

We once again found ourselves walking the hallowed halls of AmerSport in Ogden, Utah. We figure if they see us around enough they will just hire us. We met up with Conor Wright, Manager of the AmerSport Factory Outlet, to talk about the big tent sale that kicks off on Friday September 23rd. Conor tells us about all the deals and what you can expect- you don't want to miss this if you are in the area. Then Conor was kind enough to donate a Suunto Ambit3 Vertical to giveaway in a contest: Have a listen or details.

Next we met up with Josh Korn and Mike Ambrose- these dudes are fast. We talked shop and had just a little fun ...cause that's what we do. We are excited to see what Salomon has planned of 2017 and so should you.
Have a listen and make sure you enter the contest.
Also- don't forget about our pre-order for TrailManners Boco Gear custom beanies- we only have 50 so get on it now.
Show Notes:
SingleTrack Session #3

SingleTrack Session #3

July 21, 2016

Here we go again- SingleTrack Session #3. Quick NEW Weekly show this time from AmerSports HQ in Ogden, Utah.

Show Notes
  • Working on a new Intro
  • Stephanie Gardner is back!
  • Suunto Spartan watch
  • Hardorck Recap
  • Hardrock Contest Winner- Braden Limb & Sebastien Durandeu
  • NEW FKT on the Colorado Trail (Unsupported)- Brandon Stapanowich
  • Scooter Camping with Steph
Episode #37- Stephanie Gardner: Ambassador of Fun

Episode #37- Stephanie Gardner: Ambassador of Fun

July 12, 2016
Studio 78 is back so we parked at the 22nd street Trailhead in Ogden and met up with a true Ambassador of all things fun. Stephanie Gardner is the Western States Tech Rep for Salomon and Suunto as well as an Ambassador for And She's Dope Too. Just by listening to her you can tell she loves what she does and she definitely lives life to the fullest. With so much to talk about we just ran out of time so we are super excited to her back on the show in the near future. 
Check out the links below and please do not forget to participate in the Hardrock 100 contest. Just leave your guesses on the Facebook feed for the show.

Show Notes:

***Jeff Browning was 3rd at Western States
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