Episode #305: Trevor Fuchs - Journey to Hardrock 2021

Episode #305: Trevor Fuchs - Journey to Hardrock 2021

March 2, 2021

It is always fun having the chance to sit down and talk trails with Trevor "White Shoes" Fuchs. As one of the nicest people and runners in our sport, we just love his low key approach to what he loves. TrailManners will follow Trevor through his journey to his first running of the Hardrock 100 in July and grab fun tidbits of info as we go. 

Have a listen and follow along!


Show Notes:

  • A little History
  • Trevor " White Shoes"
  • Hardrock 100 2021
  • Hawaii
Episode #94: Gabe Joyes- Hardrock 100 2017 4th place finisher

Episode #94: Gabe Joyes- Hardrock 100 2017 4th place finisher

August 1, 2017


We first interviewed Gabe in February 2017 (Episode 72), at the Park City Running Company as he was about embark on a 12 hour and 18,000 feet of climbing sufferfest at the Running Up For Air race. In our initial interview we got to know Gabe as the inventor of trail running (you need to go back and listen to show #72, it’s awesome), cheese aficionado, and Hardrock lottery winner.


Of course we had to follow up on Gabe’s impressive 4th place finish at Hardrock and find out what else he has cooking for 2017


Show Notes:


  • RUFA - 18,000 feet of climbing
  • Quad Rock and brain melting heat
  • Lander High School Soccer - 4th place in the State
  • Skate Skiing for winter training
  • Never Summer Ridge Traverse - Hardrock prep
  • Hardrock game plan...Be Conservative, until mile 80ish then game on!
  • PBJ & Cheese  Sandwich
  • Running full of gratitude
  • Mantra - Patience - Patience
  • Reality met expectation
  • Plans on returning to Hardrock
  • Run Rabbit Run


You can find Gabe Joyes here:

Blog | Instagram | Strava

Special Hardrock Edition: Jeff Hart

Special Hardrock Edition: Jeff Hart

July 21, 2017

He Did It! We have been following Jeff Hart for the past 5 months as he prepared for the Hardrcok 100 and he was kind enough to swing by Ogden to jump into Studio 78 to give us a solid recap of the race. For Jeff it was the pinnacle of his trail running life and as he puts the race into words- you can see and hear the emotion as he recaps the journey. 

Thank you Jeff for taking us along and Congrats on not only the Hardrock finish but also the engagement to Jen. You are a class act and someone who continues to inspire. On behalf of TrailManners and our listeners- we are proud to call you our friend!


Show Notes:

  • Hardrock 100 Finish 40:09
  • The Race
  • Lipstick
  • Hardrock Atmosphere
  • Advice
  • The Proposal
Episode #29- Matt Trappe & a Contest!

Episode #29- Matt Trappe & a Contest!

May 17, 2016

We had a great chance to get Matt on the schedule via Google Hangouts to talk to him about his amazing films. Although we need to still do some tweaking to the process, we think Matt sounded great. His first to films are incredible, first- Running the Edge: The Colorado Trail and now the newly released- Kissing the Rock. He does such an amazing job or telling these stories and allowing the viewer an inside look to not just the characters but the mystique surrounding them.  We encourage everyone to not just watch them both but schedule a showing in your area. 

Matt mentions his next project and we can't wait to get him back on the show as it draws near. 
If Matt did a film about TrailManners- what should it be called?
Submit your answers via our Facebook page for a chance to win a TrailManners Visor or hat of your choice! Aric & Joel will pick the winner and announce it on an upcoming show. Contest ends Wednesday May 25th.

More Info
Kissing the Rock
Running the Edge: The Colorado Trail
More on Matt
Show Notes

  • How it all started
  • Running the Edge: The Colorado Trail
  • Kissing the Rock
  • Advice to new film makers
  • Next project: Western States & Hardrock- The double
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