Episode #41- Jennliyn Eaton: Barkley’s & Millwood 100

Episode #41- Jennliyn Eaton: Barkley’s & Millwood 100

August 3, 2016

Jennilyn is definitely one of our favorite guests ( Episode #4). Our schedules finally worked out so we came back to Park City Run Company to get the scoop on her Barkley's Marathon as well as her amazing feat of finishing the Millwood 100. You never now what to expect with Jennilyn and this show proved it- we had mentions on a stare down with a mountain lion and some awesome Harry Potter references.

Show Notes: 
  • Barkley Marathon
  • Millwood 100
  • Staring contest with a mountain lion
  • RUFA
  • Harry Potter
Episode #4- Jennilyn Eaton: Suffering is humorous.

Episode #4- Jennilyn Eaton: Suffering is humorous.

December 1, 2015
With Studio 78 under the weather, we headed down to Salt Lake City to meet up with Jennilyn Eaton at Beans & Brews for some java and conversation. Luckily for us she had a small window in yet another busy day of being a mom, working at Park City Running Company training at Momentum and coming back from an injury. 

Early on we knew this was going to be a great show as she informed us of some major plans for 2016. The plan starts with trying to get into the Barkley Marathon and then follow that up with the "Wasatch Monopoly". Jennilyn will also throw her name into the Wasatch 100 lottery after receiving "the white dress"- on a dare. Needless to say Jennilyn will have her hands full and we here at TrailManners wish her the best of luck but after sitting down with her we are not sure she needs it!

To see and read more about Jennilyn and her adventures, head on over to

Show Notes
  • RunMo
  • The Wasatch Monopoly
  • The Barkley Movement
  • Suffering is humorous?
  • Mountain Misfits

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