TrailManners: The Beginning

TrailManners: The Beginning

November 15, 2016

Well folks, as we gear up for our 1 Year Launch Anniversary next week we thought it would fun to revisit the birth of the show. We have come along way in 60 Episodes and we are so excited for the year to come. We have some big guests lined up and some special surprises we have been working on for months.

Enjoy Episode 0 and thanks for making this so much for us!

Singletrack Session #15

Singletrack Session #15

November 10, 2016

It's always fun sitting down doing a Singletrack Session- sometimes we just don't know where it is going to go. 

Check out a cool Ugly Sweater 10k in Park City:

Show Notes:
  • Some birthday shout-outs
  • Contest recaps
  • Time change blues
  • Ozark 100
  • 2017 US Sky Runner Series dates
  • Joel going under the knife
  • Beanies and Hoodies are landing
Episode #59- Stone Cold Cryotherapy

Episode #59- Stone Cold Cryotherapy

November 8, 2016
We are always talking about different "tools" you can use to keep you running and performing strong. On this episode we headed to Stone Cold Cryotherapy and Aric got in the tank to see just how it works. Luckily he was wearing wool socks, neoprene booties and of course gloves. 
Ty talked us through the process and we cannot wait to test it out even more when things ramp up again. We definitely recommend giving it a try.
Thanks Ty for the session and for the time! Stone Cold Cryotherapy is going to be on our Christmas list for sure!

Check them out at and tell them TrailManners sent you!

Show Notes:
  • Stone Cold Cryotherapy
  • Another tool for recovery
  • Why its better than icing
  • All over body recovery
Singletrack Session #14

Singletrack Session #14

November 3, 2016

We are back with the Singletrack Session and there is plenty to talk about. We announce some contest winners, talk races and things we have on the horizon. Make sure you give it a listen and provide a little feedback on the questions we pop. It's great to be back with the Singeltrack Session.

Show Notes:
  • We are BACK
  • Episode #56 Contest Results
  • Best Wishes to Dave Mackey
  • Media Kits
  • Elevation Culture
  • TrailManners gear shout outs
Episode #58- James Varner: The Trail Running Film Festival, a Contest and More

Episode #58- James Varner: The Trail Running Film Festival, a Contest and More

November 1, 2016
With Studio 78 in the shop we try out a new location for Episode #58: Bomber Studios. Our guest arrived with 6 pack in hand and left with best friends for life. James Varner took some time from his nationwide film tour to talk about the Film Festival, Rainshadow running and his love of the sport.
Don't forget about the contest and a chance to win some tickets to the The Trail Running Festival at the location of your choice! Just post your answer on the TrailManners website- Add comments to the Episode #58 post.
The Trail Film Festival:
Show Notes:
  • Bomber Studios
  • The Trail Running Film Festival 
  • Rainshadow Running
  • His 2017 Race plans
  • Hot Seat: Favorite Rainshadow Race
Episode #57- Roch Horton: The History and Future of our Sport

Episode #57- Roch Horton: The History and Future of our Sport

October 25, 2016
When you get a chance to talk to a LEGEND- you do it. We could listen to Roch Horton talk for days. He has so many amazing stories and he has seen it all in the trail and ultra running community. 
With the growth of the sport we sit down and talk about the past, present and future- the good and the bad. As lovers of the trails and mountains we have an obligation to make sure we educate and advocate for a better future. 
Thank you Roch for letting us pick your brain and we here at TrailManners are in support of "The Book"!
Show Notes:
  • History of the sport
  • Hardrock 100
  • Virginius Pass: Kroger's Canteen
  • "The Book"
Episode #56- Karl Meltzer: AT FKT & More

Episode #56- Karl Meltzer: AT FKT & More

October 18, 2016
It was a pleasure to get to sit in the "stands" at the Speedgoat Croquet Court and talk to the legend, Karl Meltzer about his FKT on the AT. We knew he had already sat down with so many people and shows in the past that we mixed it up a bit and asked him questions from our listeners to spice it up. 
We also were able to talk about the future of the SpeedGoat 50k and pick his brain on other trail running topics.
He mentioned "something" he is planning with Redbull and we can't wait to hear more. Enjoy the show and don't forget about BOTH of the cool contests!
Check out Karl's website for coaching and more HERE.
Interested in the UltrAspire SpeedGoat belt? Check it out HERE.
Wanna try some First Endurance Ultragen or read more about it- Check it out HERE.
Show Notes:
  • Appalachian Trail FKT: 45 days 22 hours 38 minutes
  • Question for our listeners
  • Advice for trail runners
  • What's next?
  • First Endurance Ultragen Contest 
  • UltrAspire "Ultimate Karl Meltzer Prize Pack"

In honor of Karl Meltzer setting the new Appalachian Trail Speed Run Record (45 Days 22 Hours 38 Minutes)

We're giving away the ULTIMATE Karl Meltzer Prize Package with autographed apparel, including his signature belt the Speedgoat!

Three ways to enter...(complete all three for multiple entries into the drawing)

1. "Like"

2. "Share"

3. In the "Comment" tag those who has inspired you along your running journey.

We'll draw a winner on Friday, October 28th. 

Episode #55- Chelsea Hathaway: Bear 100

Episode #55- Chelsea Hathaway: Bear 100

October 11, 2016
Training for your first 100 mile trail race can be tough. Breaking your foot 9 months before your first 100 mile trail race can be frustrating. Running your first 100 mile trail race can be a overwhelming. Running your way to a 26:35 in one of the worst Bear 100's in history can be legendary!
When we heard Chelsea's story and her amazing accomplishment at this years Bear 100, we knew we had to get her on the show. Luck would have it and she agreed to sit down in Studio 78 to tell us her story. Congrats to Chelsea and all the people who toed the line at the Bear!
Show Notes:
  • How she got into trail running
  • Rough start to 2016
  • Getting after there first 100 miler
  • Bear 100- 26:35 3rd Female/29th overall

Singletrack Session #13

Singletrack Session #13

October 6, 2016

Its a little lonely for Singletrack Session #13- not only is Studio 78 in the shop but we are also without Joel. That means its a solo segment but we still bring you the goods.

Let's all take a moment for Studio 78 and wish for a speedy recovery.
Congrats to Mark Imasa and Paul Smith for winning the Salomon waist belts that were offered up by our friends at Palmer Divide Run Company. Mark and Paul- shoot us an address and we will get them right out.
Show Notes:
  • Contest Winners
  • Jim Walmsley CRUSHES the Grand Canyon R2R2R FKT- 5:55
  • The Trail Running Film Festival Tour
  • Upcoming show
  • Beanies, Hoodies and Tech T's....oh my!

Episode #54- Trevor Fuchs: Wasatch 100 Winner

Episode #54- Trevor Fuchs: Wasatch 100 Winner

October 4, 2016
Its always great when your guests runs the rainy trails to get to Studio 78 for a show. During a solid little downpour, Trevor Fuchs (like books with an "F") jumped on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to meet up with us at 22nd st Trailhead for a very memorable show. 
He grew up in Boulder with a history or running in his family but it wasn't until he started to get unhealthy that he really started to get after it. 
We sat down with Trevor as he told the story of how he went on to win the Wasatch 100 by 3 seconds.
Thanks Trevor, we are sure we will see you on the trails.
Show Notes:
  • Retired Chef
  • How you got to Ogden
  • #wordvomit
  • Running background
  • Salt Flats 100 19:52
  • Wasatch 100 21:13
(PC: Julie McDermott)