Episode #59- Stone Cold Cryotherapy

November 8, 2016
We are always talking about different "tools" you can use to keep you running and performing strong. On this episode we headed to Stone Cold Cryotherapy and Aric got in the tank to see just how it works. Luckily he was wearing wool socks, neoprene booties and of course gloves. 
Ty talked us through the process and we cannot wait to test it out even more when things ramp up again. We definitely recommend giving it a try.
Thanks Ty for the session and for the time! Stone Cold Cryotherapy is going to be on our Christmas list for sure!

Check them out at www.stonecoldcryo.com and tell them TrailManners sent you!

Show Notes:
  • Stone Cold Cryotherapy
  • Another tool for recovery
  • Why its better than icing
  • All over body recovery

Episode #51- Intermountain McKay-Dee Surgery Center & Orthopedics

September 14, 2016

We were honored and humbled when we were asked to be at the Grand Opening of the Intermountain McKay-Dee Surgery Center & Orthopedics. We had an amazing time sitting down and talking to 5 wonderful people. This facility is a game changer for Ogden and we couldn't be more happy for our community.

The 82,000 square foot facility will feature Outpatient surgical services, physical therapy services including indoor and outdoor rehab areas and therapy pools, radiology, pharmacy, McKay-Dee Orthopedic & Sports Medicine and the Calton-Harrison Clinic. 
  • Dr. Jason Blackham
  • Jacque Dunyon
  • Mike Clark
  • Tres Ferrin
  • Jeff Harrison
  • Tyler Moore

Episode #26- Nate Graven- Massage Therapy- “Our Guy”

April 5, 2016
Here on the TrailManners podcast we seem to always be talking about "our guy"- you know the one that helps keep our body working and on the trails. Well we booked some time for Nate to join us to talk about what he does and why we need it. Nate is our unicorn, the almost mystical person who people love but decide not to drop the name too much so "our guy" isn't to busy for us. 
He is no stranger to athletes- he was once a semi-pro football player and has worked on olympians, collegiate stars, key local athletes and of course the running community. He has been seen at the Hardrock 100, Wasatch 100, Bear 100 and the Buffalo Run to name a few. 
We all need "our guy" or "our gal" to help us reach our goals and have a healthy life. 
We would love to hear who you have in your area so send us a message and we can pass it along.

Enjoy the show everyone and THANK YOU for supporting us.

Show Notes:

  • TrailManners Show stats to date (wow)
  • Ogden- "Still Untamed"
  • Nate- "How it all began"
  • Nate ruins your Spa Day
  • Myofascial Release
  • Black & Decker buffer

Episode #15- We are back! Race results, Buffalo Run and Strength Training

February 23, 2016

Did you miss us? We sure missed you. After an amazing trip to DC we are back and firing on all cylinders. We thought we would start by catching up on a few race results from Moab and Black Canyon. A couple early season races in amazing places. Congrats to those who punched tickets to the "big dance"- Western States 100 and all those who got out. 

We had to take a few minutes to give a huge thanks and shout out to Mr. Jim Skaggs from Buffalo Run Adventures for all his support and help through the years. The Buffalo Run is fast approaching and registration closes on February 29th. Don't put it off any longer- register! The island is a magical place to run and the finish line party is crazy fun- plus you can get some amazing Buffalo Stew.
We close it out with some tips from our very own Joel Hatch on strength training. He throws out some great advice and helps answer a few questions to get started.
Thanks again for listening and don't forget to visit the site soon for some great TrailManners gear!
Show Notes:


Episode #13- Kettle Bell training, another contest and Winter blahs

February 2, 2016
It's a great day-  not because it's Groundhog day but it's because Joel is back! We get right into some current news and what we have coming up for shows and our website. There is also a new contest that we hope you participate in. Use Instagram to post a photo of you on a peak and do the silly hashtag thing- #trailmanners and at the end of February we will draw a name for some awesome prizes. 
We also get into other training tools from strength and conditioning to recovery and "staying on the books". We are hoping for a very interactive show from our listeners- so listen up and get back to us about: training tools, our Instagram contest, 2016 resolution and please help Joel pick his 2016 fall 100 mile race.
As always- thanks for listening and be safe out there!

Show Notes

  • Current News
  • Instagram Contest 
  • More training tools
  • Lighting
  • Joel needs a fall 100
Links for workouts: