Episode #77- Annie MacDonald: Living life to the fullest

March 28, 2017

It has been 6 months since we have sat down in Studio 78 with a guest so we thought we would celebrate with a superstar! Annie MacDonald has had a full life- full of everything you can think of. She approaches each day with her trademark smile and amazing attitude. Her journey to this point is nothing short of remarkable. Annie sat down with us and opened up about her struggles and her triumphs. 

Thank you Annie for taking the time to sit down with us and let us get to know you better. You are a real life hero and we are lucky to call you a friend.

Show Notes:

  • Her life
  • Trail to her 1st Hundred
  • Her Tribe
  • Premium Editions?
  • Karma Paid if Full
  • 2017 Buffalo Run 100

SingleTrack Session #31

March 23, 2017

It's ALIVE! Studio 78 is back in businees folks. We headed out to Antelope Island over the weekend for the Buffalo Run races. We were busy volunteering and hanging out with some of the greatest people on this here planet. It was such a joy to see people reaching their goals and a blast sitting around talking to new and old friends. We appreciate everyone who took the time to come say hi and share a smile or story....or 2. We were absolutely blown away by the kind things we heard.

Show Notes:

  • Studio 78 at 22nd Street TH
  • Buffalo Run results
  • Chuckanut 50k results
  • TrailManners sales 
  • A FB question was discussed



TrailManners: The Beginning

November 15, 2016

Well folks, as we gear up for our 1 Year Launch Anniversary next week we thought it would fun to revisit the birth of the show. We have come along way in 60 Episodes and we are so excited for the year to come. We have some big guests lined up and some special surprises we have been working on for months.

Enjoy Episode 0 and thanks for making this so much for us!


Episode #55- Chelsea Hathaway: Bear 100

October 11, 2016
Training for your first 100 mile trail race can be tough. Breaking your foot 9 months before your first 100 mile trail race can be frustrating. Running your first 100 mile trail race can be a overwhelming. Running your way to a 26:35 in one of the worst Bear 100's in history can be legendary!
When we heard Chelsea's story and her amazing accomplishment at this years Bear 100, we knew we had to get her on the show. Luck would have it and she agreed to sit down in Studio 78 to tell us her story. Congrats to Chelsea and all the people who toed the line at the Bear!
Show Notes:
  • How she got into trail running
  • Rough start to 2016
  • Getting after there first 100 miler
  • Bear 100- 26:35 3rd Female/29th overall


Episode #54- Trevor Fuchs: Wasatch 100 Winner

October 4, 2016
Its always great when your guests runs the rainy trails to get to Studio 78 for a show. During a solid little downpour, Trevor Fuchs (like books with an "F") jumped on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to meet up with us at 22nd st Trailhead for a very memorable show. 
He grew up in Boulder with a history or running in his family but it wasn't until he started to get unhealthy that he really started to get after it. 
We sat down with Trevor as he told the story of how he went on to win the Wasatch 100 by 3 seconds.
Thanks Trevor, we are sure we will see you on the trails.
Show Notes:
  • Retired Chef
  • How you got to Ogden
  • #wordvomit
  • Running background
  • Salt Flats 100 19:52
  • Wasatch 100 21:13
(PC: Julie McDermott)

Singletrack Session #12

September 29, 2016

Big, big week to cover but lets start with the winner of the Sunnto Ambit3 Vertical...congrats Kim Givler!!! Okay now that we are done with that don't forget about our current contest from Episode #53- have a listen and get some free stuff. 

Next we talk about the past weeks results and well as jump on our soap boxes to talk about a potential growing problem in our sport.
Last- don't forget to grab your TrailManners Pom Pom beanie before its too late.
Check out all the gear on our website and listen to the show for some other exciting stuff!

Show Notes:
  • Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Winner- Kim Givler
  • New Salomon contest
  • Race results
  • Bear 100 issues
  • Pom Pom Beanies
  • TrailManners hoodies
PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Stuart (Bear 100 2016)

Episode #53- Tommy Barlow: Grand Slammer

September 27, 2016

With his long summer of travel and running finally winding down, we caught up with Tommy "Back-half" Barlow to get all the details. He became the 282nd person to officially complete the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning and the 18th person from Utah to do it. 

It got off to a rocky start with a injury that needed some last minute TLC before the long drive to Western but Tommy not only got his finish but he did it under 24 hours. He then followed that up with a couple sub 24's at Vermont and Leadville before tackling his home course in the Wasatch mountains. 
Thanks to Tommy "Back-half" Barlow for hanging out with the TrailManners crew.
Contest Alert:
Once again we want to give stuff away. Thanks to Palmer Divide Run Company in Palmer Lake, Colorado we have (2) Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Belt Sets of 2 lucky winners in this contest. We make it simple: just go to our website trailmanners.com and on this episode post why you need it- SIMPLE. We will ship them out at no charge to the winners.

Show Notes:

  • Grand Slam of Ultrarunning
  • Western States 100 (23:26)
  • Vermont 100 (22:15)
  • Leadville 100 (23:40)
  • Wasatch 100 (26:44)

Singletrack Session #11

September 22, 2016

Things are hopping over here at TrailManners: races, contests, podcasts, gear reviews, custom Trailmanners gear and so much more. 

This show is jam packed with info and we couldn't be happier.
Here is just a small list of what to expect on the 11th episode of the Singletrack Session.
Contest winners, make sure you email us at manners@trailmanners.com to claim your prize(s).
Show Notes:
  • Suunto Ambit3 Contest
  • Contest results
  • Karl Meltzer AT FKT
  • Race results
  • Bear 100 Preview- we are calling it the "Nasty Bear" #nastybear
  • Upcoming shows
  • TrailManners gear: Beanies and Hoodies (pre-order)

Singletrack Session #10

September 15, 2016

Sitting in Studio 78 recording Singletrack Session #10 got a little dicey - we had a very feisty Yellow Jacket that either wanted backstage passes to the show or didn't have its morning cup of Joe. Either way we prevailed and talked about the past week as well as he week to come. 

Make sure you listen and jump on the Pre-Sale of the Custom TrailManners Beanies from Boco Gear. Have a great weekend and enjoy the show!
Show Notes:
  • Thanks IHC
  • Media and Race Kits
  • Wasatch 100
  • Nolans 14ers
  • Run Rabbit Run Preview
  • Much much more

Episode #50- Cory Reese: Author, Runner, Global Icon and a Contest

September 13, 2016

We are so excited to launch Episode #50...yes 50- we can barely believe it. We wanted a great guest when we hit this milestone and well- it happened. Cory Reese was in town and we threw him in Studio 78 to talk about everything he has been up to: 2 weeks removed from finishing Badwater, 1 week into a Best Selling book launch and less than 24 hours after pacing at Wasatch, Cory made the time to talk to TrailManners. We had an absolute blast and we cannot recommend his new book enough. Please do your self a favor and go get it ....Now Go Get It! 

Cory is such an amazing guy and you can feel his inspiring presence immediately when you meet. Thanks Cory for jumping in the bus and thanks for all you do!
And don't forget to enter the contest(s)- we are giving away 2 autographed copies of Nowhere Near First: Ultramarathon Adventures from the back of the pack. 
Click HERE to buy his book.
For Cory's blog click HERE.
Show Notes:
  • How he got into running 
  • Book: Nowhere Near First
  • #satanslittlemicrowave
  • Race Directing
  • Eating an entire box of Twinkies
  • "The Cat Suit'
  • Contest