Singletrack Session #126

February 14, 2019

Happy Valentines, GALentines & PALentines Day everyone!

We welcome our first guest co-host to the Singletrack Session this week- Mr. Preston Wood. We get after with all kinds of topics and we need your help with ideas and answers to Ask TrailManners!

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Show Notes:

  • A Guest Co-Host
  • Aric did some Yoga
  • Happy Valentines, Palnetines and Galentines Day
  • Orcas Island 100 Cancelled
  • RUFA 2019
  • Beer & Run Pairing
  • Ask TrailManners

PC: Quintin Barney- Littlefield, AZ- Weekly WDYFTY Winner


Episode #134- Preston Wood & Trevor Fuchs: HURT 100 recap

January 29, 2019

Fresh off their HURT 100 race, I sit down with Preston Wood and Trevor Fuchs over deep fried cheese curds and get an inside look of the race and all its rugged beauty. Trevor came away with a 2nd place finish and Preston vows to return after a DNF. 

Thanks for the time and great stories fellas. I still think there are monkeys on the course.


  • HURT 100
  • Race Day
  • Travel
  • Tips and Pointers
  • Lightning Round

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Episode #117- Preston Wood: Western States 100 finisher 23:41

June 26, 2018

HE DID IT! We had Preston on the podcast a few weeks back as he prepared for his 2nd 100-miler and 1st Western States 100. He threw down a goal of sub 24 and he went out and got it. 

We want to congratulate Preston again for his accomplishment and hard work. He not only is a fantastic trail runner but a great dude!

Listen to his race breakdown- it's awesome!


Episode #115- Preston Wood: Western States 100 Prep

June 5, 2018

 Preston Wood received good news the first time he put in for the Western States 100 lottery last year and has been training hard ever since. We had a great time talking with Preston and cannot wait to get him back on after the race. He sat down with us the day before he raced the Squaw Peak 50 and we grilled him on his upcoming Western race. He is such a great guy and we cannot send enough good vibes for his trip to Auburn later this month. Good Luck Preston- TrailManners will be sending all the good mojo your way!

***Update on his 2018 Squaw Peak 50- In the podcast he mentined his goal is to go under 10:30. Preston finished in 9:37

Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • From a 300 lb. offensive Lineman to the Western States 100 start line
  • All things Western States
  • His 2018 Squaw Peak goal