Singletrack Session #113

November 8, 2018

Did you know donuts help meniscus surgery recovery? We did. We are happy to say Joel had a successful procedure and he will be back on the trails soon. We are also happy to announce that we will be partnering with a great new apparel company- Path Projects. We have been wearing Path gear for a few months and are very excited. Take time to check them out HERE.

Show Notes:


PC: Jenn Haas Walker- Base of Mt Baird on the PUTS Course, ID- Weekly WDYFTY Winner



Singletrack Session #87

May 3, 2018

With just hours left before the 2018 Ogden Trail Running Festival we decided to carve out some time to get after Singletrack Session #87. We talk trail noodling, Clip Tie challenge and we address some great Ask TrailManners questions. Hope to see some of you this weekend.....Now Go Get It!

Show Notes:

  • Ultra Trail Mt Fuji
  • Clip Tie Challenge
  • Trail Noodling
  • New TrailManners swag ideas
  • Ogden Trail Running Festival
  • Ask TrailManners
  • Run the Red Trail Race

PC: Eric Feree- Hyner 50k - Wilds PA- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Singletrack Session #84

April 12, 2018


Show Notes:

PC: Alex Terrill- Millcreek, UT, Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Singletrack Session #83

April 5, 2018

April is already here folks. We say good bye to one of the greats and discuss trips, races, contests, snobs and have some Ask TrailManners questions we need input on. Enjoy the show and remember to Taper Up baby!

Show Notes:

PC: Ryan Lundin- Georgia Death Race- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Singletrack Session #82

March 29, 2018

March is winding down but running is starting to really heat up. Lot of action this past weekend plus- the Barkley Marathons course takes the top spot on the podium.

Show Notes:

PC: Johannna Oxstrand- Behind the Rocks 50k- Moab- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Singletrack Session #81

March 22, 2018

Spring is here! 

This show brings some good, bad and ugly but starts with pure joy! Lots of things on the hit list this week- so get ready. XOXO

Show Notes:

  • Ogden Trail Running Kids K Sponsor aanouncement
  • Altra was SOLD
  • Camille Heron's health
  • The Hornet- Broken Fibula
  • Chuckanut 50k results
  • Jim Walmsley wins again
  • Mike Foote sets World Record
  • WDYFTY Winner
  • Ask TrailManners

PC: Eric Lewis- Prospector Trail- Washington, UT- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Singletrack Session #80

March 15, 2018

Don't forget to head to AmerSport Factory Outlet in Ogden, Utah on Friday March 16th from 4-7pm to register for the either the Gib Wallace 4/10 mile trail race or the Rickey Gates Transamericana segment. We wil be there and if you register, you get more off on shoes!

Also, St. Patricks Day is upon us- Make sure to be safe and have fun but most off all wear green.

Show Notes:

  • Past Epsiode: Buffalo Run 25k
  • Ogden Trail Running Festival Registration- Come see us March 16th
  • Krissy Moehl 27:19- Gaoligong 100 Winner
  • Chuckanut 50k preview
  • AJW- Article on Cut-off extensions
  • TrailManners Event Pages
  • Ask TrailManners

PC: Travis Barber: Antelope Island 25k- Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Singletrack Session #79

March 8, 2018

Sorry we missed ya Tuesday but we are back for some Singletrack Session and contest winner announcement. We had a fun time talking about the Red Mountain Races and all the people we saw and met in southern Utah.

Show Notes:

  • Happy Birthday Aspen
  • No Show this Week
  • Red Mountain Race Recap
  • Chaffing- It's real
  • Way To Cool
  • Over The Top Race Contest winners
  • Ogden Trail Running Festival
  • Ask TrailManners


PC: Ryan Rowbury- Red Mountain Races St George, UT - Weekly WDYFTY Winner

Singletrack Session #78

March 1, 2018

March is here folks! We have our fingers crossed for a great month of weather and running. We plan on having a fun month of contests so make sure you listen. There are some great links in the show notes that we are sure you will find them thought provoking and entertaining. 

Have a great week and Taper Up!

Show Notes:

PC: Tim Bugnet- Arizona Desert: Weekly WDYFTY Winner.

Episode #112- Derrick Lytle: Photography, Videography, Running and more

February 27, 2018

We don't give up. We had a techincial issue on our first go around with Derrick in December but having him back was a priority. He is such a down to earth awesome fella and we enjoyed the time we got to talk to him. We talked about his passions and hobbies but most of all we may have come close to a videography deal for "3 1/2 split short reveal". Have a listen to learn more and make sure you check out Derrick on social media. 

Show Notes:

  • Take 2 with Derrick
  • Photography
  • Videogrpahy
  • Racing
  • Trail Running
  • Public Lands