Episode #138- Mike McKnight: 200 milers a Broken Back and so much more

Episode #138- Mike McKnight: 200 milers a Broken Back and so much more

April 2, 2019

It was a privilege to sit down with Michael McKnight and hear his amazing journey from a broken back to finding his love of running. Mike is humble and strong, inspiring and real- Mike is what this beautiful sport is all about. 

I hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did recording it. Thank you Mike and Good Luck at Western States!

Show Notes:

  • Antelope Island 100 winner
  • A Broken Back changes things
  • Triple Crown 2017- Best Combine Time- 205:04:18
  • Western States 100
  • The Future

PC: Scott Rokis Photography

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Episode #92- Jacob Puzey:

Episode #92- Jacob Puzey:

July 18, 2017

Jacob was down from Calgary and in our neck of the woods so we talked him into Studio 78 for Episode #92. Jacob has a great story of how he not only got into running but how he continued to grow through running. Last December he set the World Record for the fastest 50 mile run on a treadmill- 4:57...just to get a treadmill. We explore his coaching roots, TranSelkirks Race and talk a lot about Poutine. 

Thank you Jacob- it was a pleasure meeting you and we sure hope to find our way to Canada in 2017!


Show Notes:

Episode #22- Buffalo Run: Zac Marion

Episode #22- Buffalo Run: Zac Marion

March 23, 2016

Our next show in the Buffalo Run Series is with Zac Marion. Zac is a local guy who is always smiling at these events. He had a good day running the 50 mile race - placing 1st and then took some time sit down with us and talk shop. Thanks Zac and good luck in 2016.

Show Notes:
  • Race & Have fun
  • "Eyeing" some FKT's
  • The Grand Loop
  • Active Recovery
  • "Beach season"
Episode #21- Buffalo Run: Leslie Howlett

Episode #21- Buffalo Run: Leslie Howlett

March 22, 2016

Studio 78 may not have wanted to go to the island but the crew here at TrailManners wasn't going to miss it. We were excited to be there and to grab a few people to talk too after a finish.

Our first guest we got behind the mic was Leslie Howlett and she was coming off a solid 5:01 finish in the 50k. 
Show Notes:
  • Race day thoughts
  • "Ankle stretching"
  • Nursing school
  • Thoughts on the Grand Slam
  • Western States training/thoughts
  • Zion Traverse
Episode #7- Brian Beckstead: Altra Footwear, Ultra Fishing and Yes- Running

Episode #7- Brian Beckstead: Altra Footwear, Ultra Fishing and Yes- Running

December 22, 2015
We got lucky and caught up with Brian after locking him down between trips, running, being a family man and ultra fishing. He was kind enough to let us peek behind the curtain at Altra Footwear in Logan, Utah to see what they are up to. With a new "Smart shoe" ready to launch and a new apparel line with "the jacket every ultra runner should own" (which comes out 2/1)- we definitely felt lucky he penciled us in. He told us the story of how Zero Drop came to life and the exact moment he knew it was going to be huge.
We then got him out of his work mode and made him spill the beans on his running crusades and hobbies. 
We want to thank Brian and Altra for spending some time with us and we truly hope you enjoy the show.
Head on over to and check out all they haver to offer.
Show Notes
  • Birth of "Zeroing"- a.k.a Zero Drop
  • 2010 Wasatch 100 mile 97 crying..why?
  • "Every Ultra runner in the community will want this jacket"- (comes out 2/1/16)
  • World's 1st Smart shoe
  • UTMB and the best 10 hours of his running life
  • Ultra-Fishing