Singletrack Session #20

December 22, 2016

And just like that 2016 is a wrap! We will be taking next week away (we cleared it with our HR dept.) to relax and enjoy the holiday season. We want to THANK everyone out there that has made this so much fun. We have some cool things and solid guests lined up for 2017. Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy our last show of 2016!

Thanks to Annie M. for the awesome photo for this weeks Singletrack Session- Hey those beanies look sweet!

Show Notes:

  • 2017= #yearofsvelte
  • GoPro Hero 4 Winner announced
  • RUFA Recap
  • Singletrack Session Photos
  • Gear reviews coming


Episode #64- Jared Campbell: RUFA

December 20, 2016

It's not everyday we get a chance to sit down with someone like Jared Campbell. He is not only one of the most accomplished ultra runners around but a true ambassador of our sport. We touch briefly on his race resume (Barkley, Wasatch) but we really wanted to get into his upcomng event: RUFA or Running Up for Air. Air quality in Utah and especially the Salt Lake valley during the winter is...well let's just say- horrible. When Jared was training for Barkely a few years ago he wanted to make running something more than just about himself. After some thought and talking with others he came up with RUFA. 

Please have listen and check out the links below for more information. We hope to help Jared fill his event on Febraury 11th to help raise more awareness to this issue. Whether you do the 6, 12 or 24 hour event- it is sure to be a grand time. It isn't just about the running though- you can volunteer, donate or help spread the word. 

TrailManners would like to not only thank Jared for his time but also for all he is doing.

Show Notes:

(PC: Harrison Fluman)

Singletrack Session #19

December 15, 2016

19 weeks worth of Singletrack Sessions- crazy! We did some house cleaning here and talk about 2017 and we ask the listeners for some advice, photos and suggestions. You are also going to want to heart all about a exciting Bromance Dream. Have a listen and help us out with some awesome photos from around the globe. 

Show Notes:

  • Episode #64- GoPro Contest
  • Bromance Dream
  • Photo help for Singletrack Session
  • TrailManners Strava
  • Rabbit Gear
  • New TrailManners Tech Tees are in

PC:  Jeremy Haddock and Brad Sween- TrailManners Thug Life- Straight Peakin'

Episode #63- Christmas Show: Runners Gift Guide

December 13, 2016

It's that time of year again. The TrailManners crew throws out its Runner Gift Guide for the holiday season. There are some good old reliables to some "heavy duty" things. Have a listen- let us know what we should add and whatever you do listen to make sure you get into the contest for the GoPro Hero4! YEP- brand new GoPro is up for grabs and we make it really easy to win. 

We always have a great time putting this list together and we keep our fingers crossed that Santa and #Secret Santa are listening.......cause you know we have been good all year (wink)

Singletrack Session #18

December 8, 2016

Last weekend was rather large for the ultra/trail running community and we try and cover the hot topics. Joel announces the winner for the Decemember Donut contest and we definitely talk about Hardrock. Enjoy another episode of the Singletrack Session! Stay warm my friends....

Show Notes:

  • Donut Contest Winner
  • North Face 50
  • Hardrock Lottery
  • Western States Lottery
  • Hardrock trolling
  • Ogden Trail Running Festival
  • TrailManners Gear

(Photo Credit: Harrison Fluman)

Episode #62 (Part 2): Palmer Divide Running Company

December 6, 2016

The long awaited final to the Palmer Divide Running Company show is here. It was such a great time that we are already looking forward to heading back to Palmer Lake for another show, running and more shenanigans. Don't forget to take a minute to enter the contest - it is going to be a fun one!

Show Notes:

  • #jimmydean
  • Beer Mile Coach
  • Ogden Trail Running Festival
  • PD Run Co turns the tables on TrailManners
  • False Summit finish- will it ever end



Singletrack Session#17

December 1, 2016

Lots of stuff to discuss in this weeks Singletrack Session. For all those who are hopeful for the lotteries this weekend...GOOD LUCK! Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


Show Notes:

  • Patagonia steps up to the tune of 10 Millions Dollars (Austin Powers voice)
  • Recap Contests from Episode #61
  • Joel's recovery
  • Hardrock & Western Lotteries Saturday
  • Donut contest
  • Episode #62 recap

Episode #62- Palmer Divide Running Co. (Part 1)

November 29, 2016

We hit a first at TrailManners and did our first 2 part show. While away for Thanksgiving, Aric sat down with Chad and Jeremy from Palmer Divide Running Company in Palmer Lake, Colorado. Chad pulled the bourbon from the filing cabinet and it was pretty much game on and for the next 2.5 hours we covered it all- From redneck triathlons to glitter canons, from to Colorado's Most Okayest Race team we left no stone unturned. Enjoy Part 1 and stayed tuned for Part 2- it is loaded with more laughs and a contest you are not gonna want to miss.


Show Notes:

  • "Last Stop before Heaven"
  • Loyal to the Land
  • Why Palmer Lake?
  • Colorado's Most Okayest Race Team
  • Glitter Canon


Episode #61: Year 1 Anniversary- Thank You!

November 22, 2016

THANK YOU! We want to thank everyone for helping us throw down a successful and absolutely fun year of podcasting. It is hard to believe we have been doing this for a year and over 60 Episodes are in the books. We are also extremely excited for year 2 and all the fun things we have planned from the Ogden Trail Running Festival and all teh guests we have been lining up to bring to you. 

We want to make sure you all know how much we truly appreciate the support -it means a lot to us and it makes us want to put out the best shows possible for you. 

Please make sure to participate in the contests for this show so we can give away lots of fun and cool prizes.

Thanks TrailManners listeners- you are the BEST and we are more than humbled.


Show Notes:

  • 1 Year baby!
  • Ogden Trail Running Festival
  • One year show statistics
  • JFK50- CR- Jim Walmsley- 5:21:29

Singletrack Session #16

November 17, 2016

Joel may be on the mend but it didn't keep him from getting behind the mic for Singletrack Session #16. Soon as he found the right chair and settled in we were good to go! 

Show Notes:

  • Joel's Surgery
  • New location
  • Contest updates
  • Outdoor Retrailers change
  • Coming up on 1 year!

(PC: Harrison Fluman)